Tuesday, July 6, 2010

"...You're strange, but don't change..."

So circumstances have arisen that will probably all but kill this blog. I typically only blog at work and today I arrived to find that blogger (as well as half of the internet) had been blocked. True, I could blog at home, but I've got shit to do and frankly, I think I've about run out of things to say. I'm not going to take the whole thing down and I'm sure I'll still post periodically, so this isn't "goodbye" so much as it is "see you around." I hope you're all happy, healthy, and whole.

So it goes.

Monday, July 5, 2010

What can I say, I just love nachos!

Happy 5th of July everyone!

Last night we opened for Bob Schneider at the Nutty Brown Cafe. There were easily over 1000 people there and I think we made a lot of new fans. The crowd was really diverse, though, and a lot of it wasn't exactly what you would consider our target market. So I'm sure there were at least a few people out there thinking, or saying, "Who are these assholes? They suck!"

But we sold a lot of stuff and filled up over 4 pages on our email list, so we'll take it.

I think we played pretty well, though it did sound pretty weird on stage and whenever that happens it becomes really difficult for me to think the show's sounding good, even though I know that what the audience hears and what we hear on stage are two completely different things. It still gets to me.

Our parents all came into town for the show which enabled us to take Harper to the show as well. I didn't get to see her dancing from stage but Leah said it was adorable. The last time she saw her daddy play she didn't know how to dance, so I think this show was probably her favorite of the two. I don't know. She's a baby.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Dolores Umbridge is a bitch

Listening to mewithoutYou makes 18 year old Taylor want to post lyrics in his Facebook statuses. So good.

I know I've been a bad blogger. No consistency. I've actually had a lot of work to do at my job, if you can believe it. Also, I don't suppose I've had much to say.

I'm reading Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows for the 7th time. I don't know if it gets better every time I read it, but it certainly doesn't get any worse. I'm sure everyone has seen the trailer for it by now. I can't wait.

I will not be seeing it in 3D. That shit is lame, and I wish Hollywood would knock it off.

I hope I get to see The Last Airbender soon. The reviews aren't looking great, but I think it will probably be a good time nonetheless. Besides, I hate Ain't It Cool News' reviews anyway.