Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Monday, October 4, 2010

Sometimes TV shows get cancelled after 2 episodes.

I've recently decided that I'd like to visit worship services for religions that I've never belonged to. At first, I just wanted to visit a mosque. The reason is this: I've read the Bible, and I've read some of the Qu'ran, and as far as I'm concerned, they're both terrible and beautiful fairy tales. Most of the people I love in this world are Christians and try to be reasonable, loving, logical people. They can be that way because, despite what they say, they don't actually take the Bible that seriously. They're "moderates." But every time an Islamic terrorist blows something up, every lovably PC liberal in the country insists that most Muslims are equally "moderate." I'm in no position to argue either way, really. I don't really know any Muslims. Not well, anyway. So I thought it would be nice to check out an Islamic service for myself and see if the teachings therein feel safe and moderate. To be honest, their book reads slightly bloodier than the Bible, and that is saying something. But if anyone can recommend a popular, hip, moderate mosque service in the Austin area, hit me up.

Then I thought that I shouldn't stop there. I'd like to see how things are outside of Abraham's shadow. There happens to be a beautiful Hindu temple here in Austin, and frankly, I can't wait to go check it out. From their website, the Hindu religion looks like a fucking ton of fun, full of parties and crazy stories, chanting and meditation. I don't know when I'm going to go, but if anyone wants to go with, let me know. I must admit, after seeing the Hindu temple, I feel like I wasted 20+ years in a boring religion, while I could've been wasting it in a much prettier one. I wonder if they let people film in there.

Since I last wrote here several things have happened. The highlights are that Quiet Company had almost all of our guitars and several other things stolen out of our trailer and then 3 days later we had to leave for tour. All of my electric guitars are gone, which sucks asshole, but thankfully I can file it on my home owner's insurance. So hopefully, I'll have new guitars soon. Don't worry, though. Amazingly, our community and our friends and fans came through in a big way and we all had great guitars to play on tour. Then my amp stopped working on the first night and a million other things went wrong and we realized that the thieves stole more than we thought and yada yada yada money money money... It could've been better and more beneficial but hey, it was what it was, and we did have a good time and have, at least, a handful of good shows.

This weekend, Leah had a couple of shoots and other things to handle, so it was Harper and I most of the time. The weather was amazing though (and continues to be) so I don't regret that it feels like I spent all weekend in the park. I'm planning on doing some more of the same shortly after 5 o'clock today.