Thursday, February 25, 2010

Will they, won't they

All my coworkers are at another meeting today and tomorrow, leaving me the office to myself. I brought Darcy and a lot of DVDs and we've had a lovely day. We've been on several walks and watched a lot of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Pineapple Express, and now I'm ending the day with an episode of Wonderfalls, one of the more underrated sitcoms of all time.

The show was really fun last night and I'd give our performance of the new song a 7 out of 10.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Before I die, I desperately want to see Snickers bars being made.

Not much to say today. We're playing with Evan Dando from the Lemonheads tonight at Emo's, so I hope to see lots of people there and I hope it's a fun night. Doors at 9, show at 10.

When you're a musician, or when you work in the music industry in any way, it's really easy to become jaded about music. Difficult to impress. And not just about new bands, even new records by bands you already like. It's kind of sad when you look back at the way you loved music when you were 13 years old and you had just heard Weezer for the first time. However sad it may be, it is inevitable. But lately, I've discovered some records that have really excited me. They're not really even new records, but they're new to me.
Sean Lennon "Friendly Fire"
Switchfoot "Nothing is Sound"
Aimee Mann "Smilers"
The Stills "Without Feathers"
Coconut Records "Davy"
OK GO "Of the Blue Colour of the Sky"
It almost makes me feel young when you realize you're actually excited to drive somewhere just so you can further digest a new record.

Three blind men are in a room with an elephant. One of them reaches out and feels the trunk and says "An elephant is a long and snakelike thing." Another one reaches out and feels the elephant's side and says "No, an elephant is like a wall." The last man reaches out and feels the elephant's leg and says "No, you're both wrong. An elephant is like a tree trunk." No one is completely right, and no one is completely wrong.

Does this work as an appropriate metaphor for god and religion (assuming you allow the existence of the supernatural as a possibility at all)? Why or why not?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Embracing my Inner Theist.

I read blogs. Usually, while at work. I read science blogs, music blogs, personal blogs, atheist blogs and christian blogs. One of the atheist/humanist blogs I've recently started reading, and he has started reading me, is by a fellow named Jeremy called Le Cafe Witteveen. I like Jeremy's blog because he seems to have had a similar deconversion to me, and because he posts pictures like this:

Through Jeremy, I've discovered the Naked Pastor. This is probably my new favorite Christian blog. He is an actual pastor, I believe at a Vineyard Church, but he's also an aspiring artist/cartoonist, and his stuff is poignant.

But my favorite thing about him is that he embraces what he calls his "Inner Atheist," and I really applaud him for being self aware. In another post about his Inner Atheist, he says:

"I validate those who never sense God’s presence. I see honor in rejecting gods. It takes nerve to topple idols and walk away from falsehood. It is fearless to detach oneself from people who cherish counterfeit and peddle snake oil. And I think it sometimes takes courage to be an atheist. I embrace atheists, for in many ways I am one myself."

After reading about the Naked Pastor's inner atheist yesterday, I was inspired to embrace my inner theist. Driving home from work, I was thinking about my life. It is really amazing. I have the love of a beautiful woman who inspires me, adores me, and holds me accountable to myself, a beautiful daughter who is smart and who's personality grows by leaps and bounds every day, a family that loves me even when I shit all over the things they believe, a roof over my head, food in my belly, and music in my heart and in my hands and in my ears. And while I realize that it is possible, nay, probable, that none of these things required or included supernatural intervention to come to be, I feel an overwhelming rush of gratitude for them, and an overwhelming desire for a place to put that gratitude. I find my heart longing for a reason to believe in a personal theistic god, just so I have someone to thank. Of course, after I thanked him, I'd probably have to ask why he's so good to me and so awful to so many other people, but still, the sentiment remains.

Inner Theist, you have been embraced.

Monday, February 22, 2010

We got a dog! I'm a real boy!!

What an eventful weekend.
4:45 - left work
5:20 - Met Leah, Harper, and Leah's mom at Williamson Cty. Animal Shelter. Played with a dog named Wolf. Wolf was friggin' huge and there was no way Leah could've walked him and handled Harper at the same time. So though he was majestic, he did not fit our lifestyle, and while there were other great dogs there, we didn't fall in love with any others.
6:10 - Went to the other animal shelter in Leander. Didn't like any dogs.
6:50 - Ate McDonald's burgers at home.
7:30 - Bathed and fed Harper and then put her to bed.
8:30 - Met friends at Main Event for laser tag, bowling, video games, and more laser tag.
12:00 - Arrived home. Leah was sore from all the laser tag. My thirst for laser blood, quenched.

Saturday: Leah's Birthday
8:30 - Woke up and drove to Lone Star Kolaches (Leah's favorite kolaches).
9:25 - Arrived home with kolaches.
11:30 - Drove to Zilker Park. Fed pigeons and ducks and rode the train with Harper, Leah, and Grandmonster (Leah's mom).
1:00 - Went to Town Lake Animal shelter. Really liked two dogs at first. Opened the cage to walk one and she shot out. I chased her down with employees while they paged "a dog is loose" over the intercom. I was slightly embarrassed but we decided that that dog shed too much anyway. We took out the second dog, who seemed so nice in the cage, but the second that we took him out he tried to attack the dog in the cage next to him. I translated his frantic, angry barking to mean, "I TOLD YOU I'D GET OUT, SUCKA! NOW I'MA GONNA FUCK YOU UP!" We continued to walk around and eventually happened upon a shepherd mix named "Bree." She is sweet, calm, house broken, and had won the "best with kids" prize. Leah drove everyone home while I waited at the shelter to speak to the counsellors about adopting.
3:00 - Leah returned and we spoke to the counsellors about adopting Bree. They agreed that she was a good mix for us and the deal was sealed. We agreed to return the next day to pick her up.
4:30 - Stopped and met Jeremy, Robin, Nick, Debra, Estlin, Olivia, Grandmonster, and Harper at the park to play.
5:50 - Leah and I eat at one of our favorite places, The Cheesecake Factory.
7:30 - Leah and I go see "Shutter Island." I've been pumped about this for a long time, but I'm really disappointed in it. It is completely predictable. Leah leaned over and said what she expected the twist to be and I thought "No, it couldn't possibly be that obvious." It was. The movie just feels like one big "trying too hard" and the more I think about it, the less I like it. I've decided that I officially don't trust the movie reviews at Ain't it Cool News.
10:00 - Came home and watched TV in bed and relaxed before drifting off.

8:00 - Woke up. Grandmonster went and got us bagels.
9:30 - We all walked down to the Davis'.
11:30 - We went to Petco and picked up a crate, food, treats, carpet cleaner, and a collar and leash.
12:30 - Arrived at the animal shelter and picked up our new family member, who we decided to rename "Darcy."
1:30 - Back to Petco for a bath and brush out in the grooming salon. But the grooming salon (and apparently every other groomer in town) is booked up. We go back home and let Darcy hang out in the back yard. She hasn't been bathed since December so we don't want to let her in the house yet.
2:30 - I go back out to Petsmart to pick up shampoo and a deshedding blade/brush and some Carl's Jr. burgers for Leah and I. Incidentally, the Carl's Jr. jalapeno burger is a serious thing. I will probably be eating there more often now.
3:25 - I set about bathing Darcy in the back yard. I'm nervous about it but she does awesome. She stands completely still and even though the water's cold, she's a trooper.
3:50 - Leah has a shoot and Harper, Darcy, and I hang out. Harper is very apprehensive about the dog. The dog, however, is completely indifferent to Harper. Harper decided to skip her afternoon nap everyday this weekend, though, so that hasn't helped her mood.
5:15 - I take the dog and the child on a walk. Whoever had Darcy originally did an awesome job training her before they abandoned her. She walks perfectly on a leash and stays right next to Harper the entire time. We stop in to show the Davis family and the twins love Darcy.

Leah gets home sometime around 7, I think, and we go about our normal bedtime routine for Harper, only with a dog following us from room to room. The rest of the night Leah, Darcy, and I watched season 1 of Lost. Well, Leah edited pictures, Darcy slept sprawled out next to me on the floor and I watched Lost.

All in all, a fantastic weekend. I think Darcy is going to be a great dog for us, and I think Harper will love her once she gets over this initial weirdness. I also think Darcy is going to love being our dog. She's very chill and relaxed. She mostly just wants to lounge around wherever you are, and occasionally, she'll get up and patrol the house once before returning to what she was doing. I'll post pictures soon.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Does it seem like a lot of guys that work at movie theatres have pony tails to anyone else? Is that a thing?

Today, I offer humble gratitude to George Carter III. His genius will forever guide us. Because of him, there are places where people can go, where the downtrodden can be lifted, where the poor in spirit can find hope, where the losers find worth, where the arrogant are humbled, where the troubled can find solace if even just in 15 minute intervals.

George Carter III is my hero.

George Carter III invented Laser Tag, and tonight, Leah and I, with several of our friends, will salute him in celebration of our collective birth.

Laser Tag is the perfect sport, and if my friends and I could play whenever we wanted, I would play several times a week and I would be in amazing shape. I guarantee it. If I were ever to become filthy rich, I think it's fair to safely say that my two vices would be comic books and Laser Tag. I am a simple man.

After work today, Leah, Harper, and I are going to the animal shelter to check out some dogs. There's one in particular we're interested in. His name is Wolf and he's an Irish Wolfhound mix. He seems bad ass, but we'll see. We're still not decided yet, so we're just going to get info and meet dogs today.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

How do people who are bankrupt own planes?

I'm sure most people know by now, but a fella named Joe Stack flew a plane into a building a couple hundred yards from my office this morning. And if that's not crazy enough, my office almost moved directly next door to that building just a couple of months ago. Really glad we didn't.

Don't worry, he's not a Muslim so it's not terrorism, according to the mayor.

So why did he do it? Because the American Dream is bullshit, essentially. Shit, Joe, you could've just moved. He had been financially ruined a few times and didn't feel represented by his government (this is where I say "I told you so.") Oh yeah, and also, he's batshit crazy.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

It's hard to be proud of Texas sometimes...

The dog discussion goes on. I remain on the fence. Leah has convinced me that we can afford it and that our schedules are probably about as conducive to dog ownership as they are ever likely to get. So now the question is "do I really want to deal with it at this juncture in my life?" I don't know. A large part of me also feels like I don't want anything to divert my attention away from Harper when I'm home.

On the other hand, everyone's telling us how great it is to have a dog that Harper could grow up with, we have a great neighborhood with two parks and a few trails and a fenced in back yard, and if it's admirable to try and become the kind of adults we always wanted to be when we were children, then dog ownership is paramount. Also, I can see having a dog as a source of physical activity and exercise and that might just make exercise less excruciating.

I'll keep thinking.

Rehearsal last night was good, though I don't care for starting that late, and these new songs require more from my voice than our previous material. When you're on tour, your voice gets used to it, but when you're not, it just hurts after 2 hours of pushing it.

I took a half day today for a doctor's appointment and so that I could get a few things done that I've been unable to find time to do. Alas, I was thwarted yet again, by the ridiculously slow and often understaffed Jiffy Lube. I've never had a "Ten Minute Oil Change" take ten minutes, but I've rarely had it take an hour. Well, at least my driver's license is current and valid. My old one still has the address of my first apartment in Austin from 7 years and who knows how many addresses ago. Now, I'm a permanent resident, even the state of TX thinks so.


I've said before, and it's obvious here, people don't care what the truth is, they just don't want to have to change. "Whatever don't make me change sounds the truthiest to me! Guffaw! Guffaw!"

Also, I think Lent started or ended or something. I wonder if, for Lent, anyone gave up the idea that, if there is a god, he's so cosmically bored that he really needs to see if you can go 40 days without chocolate or Coca Cola?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I didn't care for the first Coconut Records album, but I'm really digging this one.

Apparently, Leah has decided that she wants a dog really soon. This just doesn't seem like a very good time to me. Don't get me wrong, I'm anxious to get a dog, it's one of the things I've looked forward to the most about adulthood and home ownership, but I just thought we'd wait til Harper was at least 3 or 4. Anyway, I'll keep you posted.

I recently got the latest Muse record, The Resistance, and I gave it a first listen today. It's clearly much better than their last record, Black Holes and Revelations, which was a total coaster. Though, I've often wondered while listening to Muse, who are "they" and why are they out to get "us?" What war are Muse involved in, what revolution? Why the paranoia? Does anyone know? Is there an actual reason for this or do they just think it's cool? I like the band it's just weird. I guess it's certainly cooler than bands like Jimmy Eat World and Weezer who still write lyrics like they're 18 years old.

We have rehearsal tonight. We were planning on pulling out two new songs at the Evan Dando show but I think we've decided just to pull out one. The other one, we feel, deserves to debut on a grander occasion. When we have a bigger stage and longer time slot, in other words.

Leah and I have slacked on working out but we've been eating better so hopefully, it still counts. That Jillian Michaels, I think, has an ulterior motive to destroy your knees. What a bitch!

Monday, February 15, 2010

HEY! ..Been tryin' to meet you.

I hope everyone had a lovely Hallmark Card Day. Leah and I didn't "celebrate" this year, which I'm all for. I'm not sure what clicked with her this year that made her see reason but I'm glad. I think Valentine's Day, essentially, exists for those guys who treat their ladies like shit 364 days of the year. They give them one day of hope to make them stick around one more year. Just a theory.

Personally, I hope that my wife feels appreciated every day. All the guys I hang out with are good guys, and I think we all kind of feel this way. We all hate Valentine's Day. We all think it sells a commercialized caricature of love that actually cheapens the real thing. It's like reading a book because someone makes you. I digress.

My wife is amazing. She is funny, and sweet, and beautiful, and thoughtful, and a million other things that make our marriage and our life together fantastic. I want her life to be full of grand romantic gestures that she doesn't expect, not punctuated by the annual minimum requirement. She is the best friend that I've ever had, and she deserves it.

All this is not to say anything bad about people who like to celebrate V-day.

This weekend blew by. Yesterday, we took advantage of the beautiful weather and spent some time with Harper at the park. Later, we tracked down some Cadbury Cream Eggs and ate them while watching "Loud Quiet Loud: A Film About The Pixies." It is well known that I love the Pixies and it was really good. They seem like really nice, normal people.

Watching the crowds that the Pixies played in front of hit me in a kind of surreal way. I tried to fathom how having that many people connect to your art is possible, not probable, mind you, but possible. Leah and I talked about how much I've accomplished as an artist, but to me, it was just a reminder that while I've come a long way, there are still a few million more miles to go. I think the word is "daunting."

In related news, I downloaded Frank Black's "Teenager of the Year" and it is really great, so far. Leah pointed out that it was weird that I hadn't heard Frank Black's solo stuff, being into the Pixies like I am.

Also, yesterday, for all the lovers, we made a song from the new EP streamable. Here it is: Hold My Head Above The Water

Friday, February 12, 2010

Wear all black, listen to Norwegian metal, volunteer for the GOP

The plan was to spend Thursday night in Waco, get up and go to class which was promised to be "signing the attendance sheet, eating a doughnut, and going home." This was great because the way it was scheduled to work would have had me enjoying all of today off of work with my family and getting paid for it. I had also planned a nice little relaxing evening in Waco for myself. An hour of working out, a long relaxing hot shower, ordering pizza, maybe watching a movie online, and finishing up some songs that I've been working on.

But on Thursday, because of the eminent bad weather, we were released and told to check out of the hotel. So, although my boss told me I didn't have to come in, he couldn't pay me for the day if I didn't. So here I am, back at work. Not having finished songs and worked out and relaxed, and also not getting the whole day off with my family.

So it goes.

I did still have a very enjoyable evening last night, though. I got home in time for Leah and I to take a nap while Harper had her's, and then we went to the Davis' for dinner and playtime with Estlin and Olivia. Not to mention that we got to catch up on our favorite shows for the week. Well, at least the funny ones (Community, Modern Family, Parks & Rec, How I Met Your Mother).

Last night, I decided to stop working out and just to stop eating as much.
This morning, I decided that that is a stupid idea and that I need to do both.

The idea is to be healthy so that I'll be able to be as active of a father as possible for as long as possible. Now I've got 3 workouts to make up, which, I guarantee you, will suck ass.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Satire: One more word in the large and growing list of words Sarah Palin doesn't know the definition of.

About 28 years and 5 hours ago, I clawed my way out of my mother towards the light and was born. I don't regret it. I'm a big fan of my life. Thanks to everyone sending birthday wishes today.

I'll be taking my pre-licensing test in about an hour and a half. I'm not nervous about it at all now. It helps that our teacher just essentially read us the test and answers, most of which I knew. I'm anxious to get out and go home for a while. Leah and I are going to dinner at the Hyde Park Grill tonight while Robin watches Harper. There is some bad ass chicken fried steak and peach pudding in my future.

On one side of me, a couple of guys are talking about big game hunting in Africa, on the other side, they're watching sniper videos on Youtube. And here I am in the middle, thinking people get off on weird shit.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A big "IF"

I think most people would be surprised by what a substantial amount of their insurance policy is concerned with nuclear war/explosions and you and/or your property becoming irradiated. Interesting.

Anyway, on an unrelated subject, I recently realized that the perfect song for a funeral in the rain is Mazzy Star's "Look On Down From The Bridge." It's always been a favorite of mine. In fact, there is a recording of me covering it somewhere, which may or may not become available in the future. So if, and this is a big "IF", I ever die, I'd like to think that people are standing around listening to this song and thinking fondly of me. I'll be dead so I probably won't care but do me a solid anyway...

Now to finish a couple of take home vocabulary quizzes before dinner with Cody, our trombone player, and then probably some more studying for my test tomorrow. Goodnight, Neverland. Lame.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Comfort the Children

Recently, we donated music to an Austin based charity called "Comfort the Children," that does work in Africa to help with disabled children. They're making a documentary, and we lent them licensing rights for our songs. Here is the trailer.

CTC Documentary Teaser 2 from Comfort the Children on Vimeo.

I'm currently halfway through day 1 of my training. I'm less nervous about this because I'm starting to see that I'll be able to handle it. They're being very clear about what information we need to know to pass the test, and that's very helpful.

I'm not looking forward to the drive home for practice in the rain, or sleeping alone again, but I'll get to see my girls so I don't have any real complaints.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

I don't think I'm big on entire movies being in 3D after all.

I predict that this week is going to suck. After Harper goes to sleep I'm heading off to Waco for some training for work, as I've mentioned before. I'm dreading the time away from my family, I'm dreading the driving back and forth for band practice and my birthday on Wednesday, and most of all I'm nervous about not being able to understand the insurance business. I just don't know that my brain works that way. It's fine for understanding why certain chords go together and what notes work together to form melodies, and I have a reasonable understanding of general science and mathematics, but all this legalese, insurance jargon is scary to me. There will be quizzes and a test at the end of the week, and the only tests I've taken in the last decade were about Harry Potter or Star Wars.

Anyway, wish me luck.

Also, Leah and I saw Avatar and enjoyed it. I also enjoyed Ferngully: The Last Rainforest.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

On fundamentalism.

This was a question someone asked Leah on her FormSpring page:
Does Taylor realize he is just as bad as Fundamentalist Christians who are intolerant of others beliefs?
Here was her answer:
I wouldn't say he is intolerant by any means because all of his family and most of his closest friends are Christian and he obviously "tolerates" them.

I guess they would say that because of all the abortion clinics I've bombed. Or I guess it could've been the time I tried to deny American citizens equal rights because of something my parents taught me out of a magic book.
Not that either?
I guess it was this blog, then. I have committed some terrible fundamentalist atheist crimes on this blog. For instance, I've asked religious people to defend their position. Gasp! I've also expressed the views that I've come to hold after 20+ years in the church that I now criticize. How unfair! I've also lovingly poked fun at several beliefs held by MANY of my closest friends and family. Shit, man! How can anyone stand to be around me? I also openly mock Scientology, but I really doubt that that has upset anyone.

The problem with the internet is that it's just a bunch of people typing bullshit at one another and on here it's so easy to forget that there's actually another human being attached to the argument. I have these same conversations ALL THE TIME with my friends, and they always seem to be full of levity and respect when they take place face to face. Here, though, I guess I can see how it's easy to think that everyone that disagrees with you is some cold, robotic, unfeeling automaton, when in actuality you would probably get along just fine.

What I'm really arguing for, however, is for intellectual honesty and self awareness. I'm not terribly "tolerant" of people claiming to know things that they don't really know and then insisting that if I don't buy in too I'll go to a place of endless sorrow. But do I know they're wrong? Hell, no. I feel like I go out of my way to say "I don't know what the answer is either."

So it goes.

But in case anyone was was wondering, I don't "tolerate" my religious friends and family. I think asking everyone for "tolerance" is weak sauce. Jesus never taught "tolerance" and it's one of the things I've always liked about him. I love the shit out of my friends and family. I cherish them. I adore them. I "tolerate" the old man at work. There's a big difference.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

We make our lives worth living when we love each other.

Had a great time tonight. Did an interview for Festival Crashers right after work and then our newly wed friends, Mitch and Lindy, came over for some sweet conversation, sweet pizza, and sweet cake. We still haven't watched Lost but we'll get it done tomorrow.

Now I'm listening to the masters for the new EP, and they sound great.
The Pig King is pleased.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

On how great and how wrong I think Switchfoot is.

As I mentioned yesterday, I recently discovered Two of the first records I downloaded upon this discovery were Hello Hurricane and Nothing Is Sound by Switchfoot. I love Switchfoot. I think Jon Foreman is an incredibly intelligent songwriter, both lyrically and melodically, and I'm really enjoying both of these records.

But as I've been listening to them constantly for the last couple of days, I've started noticing something that has either never been so abundant in Switchfoot's music before or I've just never been in a position to notice before. If, for Jon Foreman, art is an extension of self (and I believe it is) then I think we can maybe safely assume that Jon Foreman feels like shit most of the time. And while that is sad for him, what's disturbing to me, is that he seems to believe that that is the way he and everyone else should feel. Culture is empty and meaningless, people are empty and meaningless, life is empty and meaningless, etc. I really wanted to count all the times the word "entropy" is used in all their records but who has the time? But trust me, it's a lot. Also, he really doesn't belong here, and I really can't blame him for not wanting to belong here if he really sees the world the way he seems to.

Here's an excerpt from "Stars,"
Stars, looking at our planet, watching entropy and pain
And maybe start to wonder how the chaos in our lives could pass as sane
I've been thinking bout the meaning of resistance, of a hope beyond my own
And suddenly the infinite and penitent begin to look like home
Everyone, everyone we feel so lonely
Everyone, yeah, everyone we feel so empty

Here's a little bit from "Mess Of Me."
I am my own affliction
I am my own disease
There ain´t no drug that they could sell
No, there ain´t no drug to make me well

There ain´t no drug
It´s not enough
The sickness is myself

And just a little more from "The Setting Sun,"
I've got a wound that doesn't heal,
Burning out again,
Burning out again

I've not sure which of me is real,
And I'm alone again,
Burning out again

My hope runs underneath it all,
The day that I'll be home

It won't be long, I belong,
Somewhere past the setting sun

finally free, finally strong,
Somewhere back where I belong

I really could go on and on and on, these themes are so abundant in almost every song (but that wouldn't make for a very entertaining blog). Of course, there is a silver lining for the downtrodden. Everything in the world in meaningless, but when you add god to the equation, then at least we have hope for a better world "somewhere past the setting sun."

I think religion enables a lot of shoddy thinking. In some parts of the world, it's still downright dangerous, but even in America where the zeitgeist has dragged most of our religions, kicking and screaming, to a point of moderation that can almost be considered harmless, it still seems to be a proponent of unhealthy thinking. I can so vividly picture an 18 year old Taylor connecting with these lyrics so strongly, as well as all of my christian friends today. What has happened that makes good people think that they aren't worth the skin they're wrapped in unless they believe that one day a loving sky wizard is going to come and make it OK? Why did I believe that? Why didn't it, at least, seem weird to me that I thought that? As I've said before, the most depressing times in my life were when I was the most "connected to the holy spirit." And just like Jon Foreman seems to think, I thought it was good for me to feel that way. How perverse that seems to me now!

Ignoring the fact that this kind of thinking is unhealthy on a social level and leaves little to no incentive to fix the world that you actually do belong to, despite what any chosen faith might want you to think, I think it was the father in me that made me take issue with Switchfoot's lyrics. I think it just dawned on me when I was listening to it, that if anybody tried to convince my daughter that she, her world, and all of her relationships and dreams, were essentially shit unless she prescribed to their particular delusion, I'd be pretty pissed off.

As I said before, I love Switchfoot and I'm not going to stop listening to them because I disagree with them. Nor am I going to keep my daughter from listening to them, if she feels so inclined. (I do think that they also say some really great things about culture sometimes and I'd much rather her listen to lyrics that are at least thought provoking and wrong than lyrics that are degrading and shallow, like so many are.)

What I am going to do is write a record that is the antithesis of their message. You do belong here. We all belong here. There is hope for this life. People are worthwhile regardless of whether or not god loves them or even exists.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Knowing your claim number when you call a claims office seems prudent and obvious to me.

So, I was looking forward to answering the questions that people have been asking on my formspring page, but it seems that my internet explorer does not want to comply. I can access my account but it will not let me answer questions. There are 2 reasons for this:

1. My computer is a piece of shit PC.
2. My explorer is horribly outdated but I am unable to update it because then our work software, apparently, won't work. I tried to use Firefox separately without switching my default settings but it wouldn't allow Firefox to access the server at all.

So I guess I'll find some time to answer them tonight.

Leah's birthday is coming up and today, I think I figured out what I'm going to do. I think it will be pretty great, but tricky to pull off without her figuring out what I'm doing. We'll see.

My brother's birthday was yesterday. He's 31 now. Go leave him a comment on his blog to say "happy birthday" and also "post a new blog, jerk!"
I talked to him last night and during our conversation he introduced me to a website called IT. IS. AMAZING. It's legal, it's got a great selection, and most importantly, it's ridiculously cheap. Entire records for less than $1. I spent a lot of time last night downloading a ton of music and I've still got $16 credit left on my account. I love it.

Leah and I have done 7 days of the 30 Day Shred. I guess I am seeing a little bit of a difference in how much the workout takes from me everyday, so I suppose that is encouraging. I don't know that I've lost any weight or inches to speak of yet. So it goes.