Sunday, February 7, 2010

I don't think I'm big on entire movies being in 3D after all.

I predict that this week is going to suck. After Harper goes to sleep I'm heading off to Waco for some training for work, as I've mentioned before. I'm dreading the time away from my family, I'm dreading the driving back and forth for band practice and my birthday on Wednesday, and most of all I'm nervous about not being able to understand the insurance business. I just don't know that my brain works that way. It's fine for understanding why certain chords go together and what notes work together to form melodies, and I have a reasonable understanding of general science and mathematics, but all this legalese, insurance jargon is scary to me. There will be quizzes and a test at the end of the week, and the only tests I've taken in the last decade were about Harry Potter or Star Wars.

Anyway, wish me luck.

Also, Leah and I saw Avatar and enjoyed it. I also enjoyed Ferngully: The Last Rainforest.


  1. Not since 1992 have we seen such subtle and insightful political commentary as we now find in Avatar. Ferngully is certainly one of the most under appreciated movies of our time.
    Good luck, and Happy Birthday.

  2. I only have to know very little about all the ins & outs of WC because I work at an IME company and schedule IMEs for WC & PIP claims...but when my bosses start talking about the ins & outs of what is going on on the insurer's end and why they need what they need my brain starts to fuzz over. However, I know many a stupid adjuster who have succeeded at their jobs for quite some time and you are rather smart (as opposed to, ya know, dense) so I hope you will do just fine. Good luck! And Happy Birthday too!

  3. You should probably watch this video: