Friday, February 19, 2010

Does it seem like a lot of guys that work at movie theatres have pony tails to anyone else? Is that a thing?

Today, I offer humble gratitude to George Carter III. His genius will forever guide us. Because of him, there are places where people can go, where the downtrodden can be lifted, where the poor in spirit can find hope, where the losers find worth, where the arrogant are humbled, where the troubled can find solace if even just in 15 minute intervals.

George Carter III is my hero.

George Carter III invented Laser Tag, and tonight, Leah and I, with several of our friends, will salute him in celebration of our collective birth.

Laser Tag is the perfect sport, and if my friends and I could play whenever we wanted, I would play several times a week and I would be in amazing shape. I guarantee it. If I were ever to become filthy rich, I think it's fair to safely say that my two vices would be comic books and Laser Tag. I am a simple man.

After work today, Leah, Harper, and I are going to the animal shelter to check out some dogs. There's one in particular we're interested in. His name is Wolf and he's an Irish Wolfhound mix. He seems bad ass, but we'll see. We're still not decided yet, so we're just going to get info and meet dogs today.


  1. Can we please see Wolf?? Show us the link! I am living vicariously through Leah right now... I want a dog SO BAD.


  3. Before you adopt an older dog, always ask to see them play with other dogs. I worked for a dog rescue for a while last summer, and a great way to see if a dog is going to be aggressive is to see them play with other dogs.

    With a baby in the house, you don't want a dog that might get overwhelmed by movement or noise or being touched. You also have to be aware, when you adopt a dog that's older, that they might have triggers from being abused or caged earlier in their life. Find out as much as you can about why the dog doesn't already have a home.

    He's gorgeous, though. :)

  4. Yay dogs!

    And I LOVE laser tag. I have a place 10 minutes from me, but it's always full of "regulars" (there isn't anything else to do in that town) with bad attitudes.

  5. Saw Wolf. I am a bit surprised that you are wanting such a large dog for the house. And I have always heard that females are much easier to train. Good luck with your search. I guess everyone should experience pet ownership at least once in their lives.
    Have fun tonight!