Friday, February 12, 2010

Wear all black, listen to Norwegian metal, volunteer for the GOP

The plan was to spend Thursday night in Waco, get up and go to class which was promised to be "signing the attendance sheet, eating a doughnut, and going home." This was great because the way it was scheduled to work would have had me enjoying all of today off of work with my family and getting paid for it. I had also planned a nice little relaxing evening in Waco for myself. An hour of working out, a long relaxing hot shower, ordering pizza, maybe watching a movie online, and finishing up some songs that I've been working on.

But on Thursday, because of the eminent bad weather, we were released and told to check out of the hotel. So, although my boss told me I didn't have to come in, he couldn't pay me for the day if I didn't. So here I am, back at work. Not having finished songs and worked out and relaxed, and also not getting the whole day off with my family.

So it goes.

I did still have a very enjoyable evening last night, though. I got home in time for Leah and I to take a nap while Harper had her's, and then we went to the Davis' for dinner and playtime with Estlin and Olivia. Not to mention that we got to catch up on our favorite shows for the week. Well, at least the funny ones (Community, Modern Family, Parks & Rec, How I Met Your Mother).

Last night, I decided to stop working out and just to stop eating as much.
This morning, I decided that that is a stupid idea and that I need to do both.

The idea is to be healthy so that I'll be able to be as active of a father as possible for as long as possible. Now I've got 3 workouts to make up, which, I guarantee you, will suck ass.


  1. Yes, but I also want instant gratification and it's hard to stay motivated when I don't get it.