Monday, February 8, 2010

Comfort the Children

Recently, we donated music to an Austin based charity called "Comfort the Children," that does work in Africa to help with disabled children. They're making a documentary, and we lent them licensing rights for our songs. Here is the trailer.

CTC Documentary Teaser 2 from Comfort the Children on Vimeo.

I'm currently halfway through day 1 of my training. I'm less nervous about this because I'm starting to see that I'll be able to handle it. They're being very clear about what information we need to know to pass the test, and that's very helpful.

I'm not looking forward to the drive home for practice in the rain, or sleeping alone again, but I'll get to see my girls so I don't have any real complaints.


  1. very cool. looks like a great cause.

  2. I will tell you that between the cause, the editing, and the music (that goes hand in hand with the editing), I teared up! The music and how it was edited to the clips was just wow!
    Very neat!