Monday, February 22, 2010

We got a dog! I'm a real boy!!

What an eventful weekend.
4:45 - left work
5:20 - Met Leah, Harper, and Leah's mom at Williamson Cty. Animal Shelter. Played with a dog named Wolf. Wolf was friggin' huge and there was no way Leah could've walked him and handled Harper at the same time. So though he was majestic, he did not fit our lifestyle, and while there were other great dogs there, we didn't fall in love with any others.
6:10 - Went to the other animal shelter in Leander. Didn't like any dogs.
6:50 - Ate McDonald's burgers at home.
7:30 - Bathed and fed Harper and then put her to bed.
8:30 - Met friends at Main Event for laser tag, bowling, video games, and more laser tag.
12:00 - Arrived home. Leah was sore from all the laser tag. My thirst for laser blood, quenched.

Saturday: Leah's Birthday
8:30 - Woke up and drove to Lone Star Kolaches (Leah's favorite kolaches).
9:25 - Arrived home with kolaches.
11:30 - Drove to Zilker Park. Fed pigeons and ducks and rode the train with Harper, Leah, and Grandmonster (Leah's mom).
1:00 - Went to Town Lake Animal shelter. Really liked two dogs at first. Opened the cage to walk one and she shot out. I chased her down with employees while they paged "a dog is loose" over the intercom. I was slightly embarrassed but we decided that that dog shed too much anyway. We took out the second dog, who seemed so nice in the cage, but the second that we took him out he tried to attack the dog in the cage next to him. I translated his frantic, angry barking to mean, "I TOLD YOU I'D GET OUT, SUCKA! NOW I'MA GONNA FUCK YOU UP!" We continued to walk around and eventually happened upon a shepherd mix named "Bree." She is sweet, calm, house broken, and had won the "best with kids" prize. Leah drove everyone home while I waited at the shelter to speak to the counsellors about adopting.
3:00 - Leah returned and we spoke to the counsellors about adopting Bree. They agreed that she was a good mix for us and the deal was sealed. We agreed to return the next day to pick her up.
4:30 - Stopped and met Jeremy, Robin, Nick, Debra, Estlin, Olivia, Grandmonster, and Harper at the park to play.
5:50 - Leah and I eat at one of our favorite places, The Cheesecake Factory.
7:30 - Leah and I go see "Shutter Island." I've been pumped about this for a long time, but I'm really disappointed in it. It is completely predictable. Leah leaned over and said what she expected the twist to be and I thought "No, it couldn't possibly be that obvious." It was. The movie just feels like one big "trying too hard" and the more I think about it, the less I like it. I've decided that I officially don't trust the movie reviews at Ain't it Cool News.
10:00 - Came home and watched TV in bed and relaxed before drifting off.

8:00 - Woke up. Grandmonster went and got us bagels.
9:30 - We all walked down to the Davis'.
11:30 - We went to Petco and picked up a crate, food, treats, carpet cleaner, and a collar and leash.
12:30 - Arrived at the animal shelter and picked up our new family member, who we decided to rename "Darcy."
1:30 - Back to Petco for a bath and brush out in the grooming salon. But the grooming salon (and apparently every other groomer in town) is booked up. We go back home and let Darcy hang out in the back yard. She hasn't been bathed since December so we don't want to let her in the house yet.
2:30 - I go back out to Petsmart to pick up shampoo and a deshedding blade/brush and some Carl's Jr. burgers for Leah and I. Incidentally, the Carl's Jr. jalapeno burger is a serious thing. I will probably be eating there more often now.
3:25 - I set about bathing Darcy in the back yard. I'm nervous about it but she does awesome. She stands completely still and even though the water's cold, she's a trooper.
3:50 - Leah has a shoot and Harper, Darcy, and I hang out. Harper is very apprehensive about the dog. The dog, however, is completely indifferent to Harper. Harper decided to skip her afternoon nap everyday this weekend, though, so that hasn't helped her mood.
5:15 - I take the dog and the child on a walk. Whoever had Darcy originally did an awesome job training her before they abandoned her. She walks perfectly on a leash and stays right next to Harper the entire time. We stop in to show the Davis family and the twins love Darcy.

Leah gets home sometime around 7, I think, and we go about our normal bedtime routine for Harper, only with a dog following us from room to room. The rest of the night Leah, Darcy, and I watched season 1 of Lost. Well, Leah edited pictures, Darcy slept sprawled out next to me on the floor and I watched Lost.

All in all, a fantastic weekend. I think Darcy is going to be a great dog for us, and I think Harper will love her once she gets over this initial weirdness. I also think Darcy is going to love being our dog. She's very chill and relaxed. She mostly just wants to lounge around wherever you are, and occasionally, she'll get up and patrol the house once before returning to what she was doing. I'll post pictures soon.

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