Wednesday, November 17, 2010

In the city of the future, it is difficult to concentrate. Meet the boss, meet the wife. Everybody's happy, everyone is made for life.

If you're looking for a significantly tasty burger, Phil's Icehouse on Burnet Rd. can supply you with one, no problem. Most of the band just took Paul to eat there for his birthday and I was impressed. I'm not often blown away by burgers, and I'm not sure if the term "blown away" really applies here either, but it was pretty damn good, nonetheless.

Anyway, Leah and I just got back from vacationing in Orlando, FL, a place I would probably avoid (bad drivers, bad radio, and an absurd amount of televangelists on TV) if it weren't for that little slice of heaven, The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter at Universal Studios. I've had such a boner to see this place since I first heard they were building it and it did not disappoint. My only complaint is that the excessive amount of muggles crowding the streets in their wife-beaters, fanny-packs, and daisy dukes sometimes takes you out of the moment. Everything is so well done and authentic, though, that it's hard to be unhappy about anything while walking the streets of Hogsmeade or the halls of Hogwarts. Leah and I spent the better part of two days mesmerized by all things Potter, and thanks to Butterbeer, I regained 3 of the five pounds I lost the week before. Oh well, back on track now. Now we just have to figure out how to see The Deathly Hallows as soon as possible.

Leah and I had such an amazing time together and it was nice to get to do whatever we wanted as a couple without having to worry about nap times or snack times, etc... That being said, we missed the hell out of Harper and I could literally feel my heart lighten when we saw her at the airport. I know I've probably said this before and it probably doesn't make for the best blogging (but fuck you, this is my blog and I do what I want), but I love being her father so much, it's ridiculous. She's getting so smart and funny, so full of personality. I can't wait til she's a teenager and screams how much she hates me in a public place.

Quiet Company has begun working on the third record, in earnest. I have no idea when we will actually be done with it, but it's going well, albeit, slowly. Well, it's actually not going slowly, it's just taken us a long time to get started. Everyone is really excited about the new material, and I'm very interested to see how it all turns out. It's a different direction for us, focusing more on guitars and drums than pianos and synthesizers. Basically, we're just trying to pick up where Staind left off.........

Our episodes of My Generation are now available for streaming at and We're in episode 3 (though if you blink, you might miss us), and "How Do You Do It?" has a really nice placement at the end of episode 4. Episode 6 has "The Biblical Sense Of The Word" in it somewhere but I haven't gotten to watch it yet.

Really excited to catch up on our TV shows, especially The Walking Dead.


  1. Oh Green, can you please wait and hear it before you're disappointed ;-) There will still be piano, a significant amount, I'm sure. It will just have less of the spotlight than ever before.

    It's always been weird to me when people describe us as a "piano-rock" band. To me, we've always just been a rock band that uses the piano a lot. The Beatles used pianos a lot but no one ever describes Sgt. Pepper's as a "piano-rock album."

    ....the word "piano" just started sounding weird to me. Said it too much, I guess. Weird.

  2. Haha! I will definitely not discount my chickens until they've hatched. And I'm a big fan of the non-piano tracks too. In fact, I think what I consider to be my favorite QC song has no or little piano. I'm just also a big fan of the piano. Of pianos in general.

    I don't think piano-rock is appropriate either, although I do tend to automatically prefer rock bands that have a piano in them. When I first got into Eisley (which is how I found you guys, you know) they were classified as "art rock" which I really like as a name for a genre. I like the idea of a sub-genre of rock where sounds and lyrics are developed to have a more beautiful or significant resonant quality...

    Not that you guys would be classified in the same sub-genre of rock as Eisley.. mostly because your songs don't have a hello-kitty-on-an-acid-trip quality to them, generally... and I'm officially rambling.

    Point being: I think just saying "rock" brings to mind a sort of mindless oafing kind of music. You've certainly played alongside bands that I would think "rock" was all that was necessary to describe them, but I don't think "rock" suffices as a genre for Quiet Company, simply because your music is more thoughtful, articulate, and artful. So sub-genreing is helpful, even if "piano rock" just implies that you're a rock band with a piano.

    While insufficient, it does at least separate you from bands that would consider stringing along a series of trite phrases in an overly repetitive chorus to heavy guitar and drum solos a feat of songwriting.

    Not that I hate rock music.. I just tend to prefer it with a piano. Or, you know... lyrics that mean something. :)

    Thus ends this segment of "Green over-analyzes her personal preferences"

  3. "Basically, we're just trying to pick up where Staind left off"

    thank god