Friday, December 17, 2010

I'd rather be a forest than a street

So, several months ago, I weighed myself and I was not happy with what the scale said. "193 lbs." I've been telling people that I weigh 175 lbs since college, so the facts weren't going along with my story. I tried exercising, and I fucking hated it. I even tried Yoga for a couple of days, and while you can't argue with the overwhelming amount of success stories, it really hurt and made me feel stupid. So then I bought a fairly expensive diet pill, and actually saw some results, but upon introspection realized that it was probably only working because it was coupled with eating a lot less. So that's what I've been doing: eating less and taking a ton of green tea. And do you know what my scale said today? 175.5 lbs! Yay me!

I'd like to get closer to 170 before next week because I know the holiday food is going to set me back. So will the free BBQ that our regional manager just bought the office, and the free BBQ that is being served to the bands at our show tonight.

I've been wanting to blog a lot lately but couldn't think of anything to really talk about. That problem has not been resolved but Leah told me that she was tired of coming to the page and seeing the entry about my penis, I am.

Tonight we've got a big show here in Austin. It's the celebration of KGSR's 20 year anniversary, and we are honored to be on the bill. We're sharing the stage with Alpha Rev, Joe Ely, and The Old 97's, so it should be pretty well attended.

Xmas is coming up. Leah and I went back and forth about whether or not we would celebrate it. We eventually decided to, for Harper's sake. It will probably be just like Halloween, where my level of involvement correlates directly with her level of enjoyment. We still haven't gotten her a gift though, which I'm not terribly worried about. She has toys, she has clothes, she has, generally, everything she needs. If we were smart, her gift would be the beginning of a college fund, but who knows.

Doing a lot of recording in the next couple of weeks so I'm looking forward to making progress on that. Tommy and I have been slightly obsessed with guitar tones for this record, but so far, it's paying off. Whenever I look at our recording "to do list" I start feeling underwhelmed by the amount of things that are checked off, but the next couple of weeks should make a significant dent.

Happy Holidays, true believers.


  1. Ain't nothing wrong with the secular christmas, amigo!

  2. When I was very little my grandmother bought me bonds. I was obviously too young to enjoy them then, but I have about 6 now that are worth between $200 and $500. Having them for in case of emergencies makes me feel incredibly safe where money is concerned. Most of the people I know probably would have cashed them in and bought an iPad or something by now, but I was taught from very young that they were my safety net, and they always have been.

    Something line that, like some kind of bond or stock or CD or savings account, started from a very young age and added to like twice a year.. could be a very valuable thing for her as an adult. Not just like a college fund but an emergency fund. It's not terribly expensive, since you could just put $10 a month in or something... that's one restaurant meal a month... but by the time she's an adult? It could be substantial.

    Mine's very minimal 'cause my grandmother stopped doing it after about 5 years. But even what I have is something I feel grateful for.

  3. I agree that it would be smart to start Harper a savings account. You could deposit into it for birthdays and Christmas. Wish that I had been able to do that for both of my boys. We had limited teacher salaries when we were rearing you and Seth. But God always blessed our family with our needs and most of our wants. It always has brought your Dad and I such joy to be able to give to our sons. Christmas was the most fun. We believe and taught each of you that Christ is the best gift for all mankind and because of that we gave generously to you. One of my regrets, however, is that we may have given too much materially to you guys and failed to encourage the spirit of giving. After we became empty nesters, your dad retired from education, and took a job paying really well, we have been blessed even more. So we adopt from an angel tree, fill shoeboxes for orphans and donate to organizations. Perhaps the smartest thing that you could do for Harper is teach her how to give to others. I know that it a desire of your heart also. There are so many needs and organizations to volunteer with such as rescue meals, salvation army, Our Calling, food pantries and more. Deut 15:7-8,11 As stated by Jefferson in the Declaration, those who have the ability have the responsibility to take action. Cannot wait to see you all this Christmas in our home. Love you always, Mom