Wednesday, February 2, 2011

How do we KNOW climate change is true?!

One day, Harper may come to me and ask, "Why does life seem so unfair?"

To which I will reply, "Because sweetheart, sometimes you spend your entire childhood saying 'Nerf should obviously make swords' and they never do...until, of course, you're almost 30 fucking years old and it's no longer appropriate for you to buy them and even if you did, none of your friends will go along with it, so you'll have no one to play with anyway."

That is why these things fill me with a unique mixture of frustration, jealousy, and awe.

Hey Nerf, way to miss the obvious for decades at a time. Bunch of circus animals.


  1. You can't have sword battles with your daughter? Mine demanded her own Nerf gun after her older brother got way too far ahead in the Nerf arms race. I'm totally buying some of these, throwing them in the middle of the room and it'll be every family member for themselves. The toddler should consider himself pwned.

  2. She's still a few years away from being a worthy advesary. We'll get there though. We'll get there.

  3. I'm pretty sure you wouldn't have to look to far to find someone to nerf sword battle with. If my brother is any indication, the urge to battle with foam weapons only gets stronger as one ages.

  4. dude... they make battle axes now too.

  5. I know... the whole arsenal is infuriatingly amazing.