Wednesday, March 9, 2011

This is what we will do.

Last night on my way home from rehearsal, I decided to take the non-highway route. Fairly close to home, I found myself stopped at a red light, waiting to turn left. There was one car behind me, and another car to my left waiting to turn the direction I was coming from, and absolutely no one to take advantage of the available green lights. So we waited, and waited for (what seemed like, but was probably not actually) a long time. I checked to see if the other cars were cops. They were not. We were all just citizens on a deserted road, held hostage by our respect for the rules of an indifferent light box.

I started thinking, "this is stupid, I should just run the damn light." But I didn't. I just sat there and waited.

So here's the moral it wrong to run a red light when there is virtually no reason not to? I say "No, who the hell cares?" What do you say?

Tomorrow is the first day of many crazy days in quick succession. Here is our schedule, in case anyone is in Austin, Dallas, or Houston:

Thursday, March 10th, we play the brand new Moody Theatre (ACL Live), for the 2011 Texas Social Media Awards, which we were nominated for but did not win.

Friday, March 11th, we play my favorite venue of all time, the House of Blues in Houston with Bob Schneider.

Saturday, March 12th, we journey to Dallas with Bob to play my second favorite venue of all time, The House of Blues in Dallas.

Sunday, March 13th, we come back to Austin for the first day of our SXSW experience and play the Most Awesomemest Journalism Party Ever party at the Marq.

Monday, March 14th, we actually have off. I will be doing nothing after work.

Tuesday, March 15th, we play the One Pulse Artist Group's showcase at Thunderbird Coffee in Austin

Wednesday, we do nothing.

Thursday, March 17th, I'm taking a day off from work and we will take to the streets as we do every SXSW to offer free hugs and Quiet Company paraphernalia. Then at 6 we will play a showcase at I (Heart) Video on the Strip, followed shortly after by our official SXSW showcase, again, at The Marq.

Friday, March 18th, I will work, and then go home and enjoy being there.

Saturday, March 19th, we play one more show somewhere, I can't remember where, around noon, and then will do a little more of our hugging/soliciting.

Sunday, March 20th, I will wake up and feel clean again.


  1. "So here's the moral it wrong to run a red light when there is virtually no reason not to? I say "No, who the hell cares?" What do you say?"

    I love moral dilemmas. I say that yes, it is wrong to run it. Unless there is an overriding moral reason to break a just law (and our basic traffic laws are just, I think), then you have a duty to follow it.

    That being said, I have run many red lights in situations like this.

  2. My thinking on the red light thing: if you've been waiting for over 5 minutes it's ok. But only if you have to pee.