Thursday, April 23, 2009


I'm Taylor.  I've recently acquired a job which affords me ample free time to talk about myself, so largely because my wife told me I should, I'm starting a blog.  Here are some facts:

1. I am a 27 year old caucasian male.
2. I am madly in love with and happily married to Leah.
3. We are expecting our first child any day now.  Her name is Harper Lennon and we're excited about it.
4. I'm a songwriter and musician and I play in a band called Quiet Company.
5. It bothers me when restaurants offer "boneless chicken wings" because they're in no way wings.  They're not wing meat and they're not the actual wing.  They're nuggets with wing sauce on them and you're all deluding yourselves.

I don't know what I'll talk about on here.  Probably my wife, fatherhood, and music.  Maybe religion and philosophy if I'm feeling saucy.  
Records I'm really enjoying right now are:
Cursive "Mama, I'm Swollen"
the Thermals "Now We Can See"
Richard Swift "The Atlantic Ocean"


  1. i have to admit, the cursive songs i've heard off their new album slightly dissapointed me... i couldn't figure out what was missing and what made it so different from ugly organ, which i loved....

    well i recently figured out gretta is out of the project, and i really feel the hole left in their sound and it saddens me.

  2. I kind of missed her at first too. Happy Hollow and Mama... had to grow on me but I'm so glad they did. You just have to accept that they're doing something different, I guess, and love it for what it is and try not to judge it on what its not. Or maybe you just don't like it, which is equally fine. I still want to be friends.