Sunday, April 26, 2009

If this isn't nice, I don't know what is.

We had another doctor's appointment last Friday, and it seems that Harper's arrival is in the incredibly near future.  I am so anxious for her to be a real baby that I can hold and not a pregnancy that is slightly more difficult to hold.  

This weekend was great.  A lot of hanging out with the wife, walks around the block, and movies in the living room.  I also got to spend some time with my friend Todd, who helped me with recording a new demo.  Todd plays for one of my favorite local bands, Jets Under Fire, who's new ep is awesome and completely free at  .  

Religion has come up a lot in my life, lately.  Largely, I think its because of Harper.  My family has always been Christian but over the past few years, I began to feel less and less like it was a club I belonged in.  But I've always remained pretty quiet about how I felt, and allowed everyone around me to assume what they wanted to, which is most often to assume that I'm a Christian.  But now that we're going to have a child, I feel like I can't do that with her and that I should be completely honest with her.  So I guess it makes sense that the time has come to be honest with everyone.   

Back to work tomorrow.  Its my hope that I'll be there until lunch and then Leah will call me and tell me we're having a baby.  I've been thinking about what song I want to be the first song Harper ever hears to be and so far I thinking "Dear Prudence."  With her middle name being Lennon it only seems right that it should be one of John's.

Both Matt and Paul sent me this link today.  It is well known that I love Kurt Vonnegut.


  1. Baaaaaaaabies are the best! But seriously, holding your child is an experience unique unto itself. It's not better or worse than anything else, but definitely singular in is own.

  2. I can imagine that you speaking your beliefs has caused a bit of moaning amongst people that you hold dear. I commend you for taking that honest approach. I wasn't stunned to read it, as you have never been one to follow anything blindly.

    I am however unaware of where you get on and off the train with this, and for that matter it may not be my business to know. If you don't subscribe to Christianity, do you believe in a god in the sky, and if so what governs those ideas of him.

    I don't worry about you Taylor, for the most part I never have. Your level headed, and a free thinker. I think everyone's personal experience with their beliefs is hard to understand. I'm sure more than a few people are praying for you (as we had this conversation a few weeks back). I hope no one chastises you for this, and more so I hope you don't do the same for the people who hold their own beliefs.

    I never feel like a member of that club either, as I've been a lot better at being a sinner than a saint. However I still say my prayers to God, and believe he hears them. I guess thats the personal relationship everyone used to tell me i needed. For me it was weird though, I never had a church camp moment. I just had a moment of clarity and my outlook changed forever at that point. Later I saw some serious shit that took away just about any other doubts i had on the truth that their is a god.

    I will say that Harper will make you believe in things you never knew before. Its a different kind of clarity, and in some ways a more perfect view of love.

  3. Cameron is right. There has been moaning, tears shed and prayers lifted. I can honestly say that this decision concerning your religious beliefs, Taylor, has been our only disappointment in you and the only heart break you have ever given us. We love you and cling to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and His promises. We will never stop praying for you and your family.
    Mom & Dad

  4. I have a different perspective - an undoubtedly unpopular one. What breaks my heart is to see anyone, especially loved ones, follow any organized religion. I am so proud to know you and Leah, and I am more certain that you will be amazing parents than I could ever be that there is a big man in the sky.

    I remember walking blindly - my moment of clarity was when I realized that I don't believe; I've never felt more free and alive. And while some are praying for you, I praise you.

    We are here for you and your family.

    Jen & Jarod

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  6. Kurt, is a prize, to say the least.
    -Rodger Lee

  7. Kurt, is a prize, to say the least.
    -Rodger Lee

  8. Kurt is a prize, to say the least.