Monday, June 28, 2010

I'm quietly judging you...

I'm not sure what you call it when babies try to talk, jibber jabber maybe, but in the past few days Harper has decided that she loves doing it. It is adorable. I can't wait until she can actually talk. Though, I guess I'll have to start watching my language around her soon, which will be annoying. When she's old enough to reason with, I won't have to, but it wouldn't be good to have a two year old shouting "SHIT!" with abandon. Although, you and I both know how hilarious it would be.

Our show on Friday was a pleasant end on an otherwise frustrating day. The show was great; lots of people there, lots of fun being had, four great bands, etc. I didn't get to watch Courier because the hot dog place we ate at took too long, but Royal Forest was great, as I expected them to be, and Oh No, Oh My was fantastic. I meant to get both bands' records, but alas, I did not.

The next day we were offered (and we accepted) a show with Bob Schneider at the legendary Nutty Brown Cafe on the 4th of July. That will be a huge show and we're really pumped about it. Combine that with the 3 shows with the Toadies, and the Rooney show and we've got a big few months coming up.

We've started booking our Fall tour. Hopefully, it will bring us close to some of you that we don't get to see regularly. So if you live in, or near, any of these towns, keep your eyes open.

Sept 17 - Friday - Tyler, TX
Sept 18 - Saturday - Little Rock, AR
Sept 20 - Monday - Chicago, IL
Sept 21 - Tuesday - Cincinnati, OH
Sept 22 - Wednesday -Nashville, TN
Sept 23 - Thursday - Memphis, TN
Sept 24 - Friday - Shreveport, LA
Sept 25 - Saturday - Houston, TX

Leah and I stayed up too late watching Magnolia last night. I was kind of hoping that we would cancel band practice tonight and I would get in bed at 9 or something, but that's not happening.


  1. What the crap, show the northeast some love. We are better than all those shitplaces listed above.

  2. Well, that may be true but it's difficult to get up that way with only 5 vacation days. I'm sure that, one day, we'll get back up there.

  3. speaking of shitplaces, you'll be in Cincinnati on my birthday. The baby will be way too young for us to put her with a sitter for that long though. Maybe next time Sara and I can make it to one. We've really wanted to for a while.

  4. Maybe you can come out and grab a bite to eat with us before the show or something.

  5. sigh. unfortunately cincinnati is a 2 hour drive and the baby will only be 3 weeks old. i don't think it's going to happen this time around. thanks for the invite though. we'll make it to a QC show one of these days!

  6. NASHVILLE! SWEET! We will (most likely) be there!