Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A pastor, a rabbi, and a horse walk into a bar...

Got back from Canada on Sunday. If we're ever super rich, then it would be nice to have a condo in downtown Toronto as a summer home. We would have to be super duper rich though. And only in the summer. It's cold as shit up there.

It was great seeing everyone but we've certainly had smoother trips. I can always do without the food poisoning. Who knows when I'll be able to eat calamari again?

Last night we finished up all the trumpet for the record. Almost all that's left is putting the "choir" on everything. Soon we'll be figuring out who's going to mix the thing, whether Matt will just do it or if we'll send it over to some fresh ears, and we're in the home stretch. The art is being worked on now, and I'm sure we'll have it mastered at the same place we always use.

We've always used Discmakers for manufacturing but they've fucked up 2 orders now so I'm shopping around. If anyone knows a decently priced place with comparable services, please let me know.

I'm generally of the opinion that if you don't have anything nice to say, it's wise to keep your trap shut. Now if I ask a friend what they think, I expect an honest answer, regardless of whether or not it's a positive one. I think most people are this way. Some people are not. So it goes.

On the internet, it feels like that rule doesn't really apply as much. I find myself often wanting to interject my dissenting opinion where it was not specifically requested. In real life, this feels rude, on the internet it just feels like the status quo. "They posted their opinion where I could see it, so surely they expect me to shit all over it, right?" I don't know. I've lost sight of the line that separates good e-manners and good e-conversation.

Of course, I'm talking about religious people on Facebook. It's a good thing there isn't a "scoff" button on Facebook, because I'd abuse the shit out of that thing...or maybe I wouldn't, I don't know. I'd certainly want to. Facebook, like much of the internet, has become one big lesson on "Shutting-the-Fuck-Up" for me.

Long-time readers will remember that I used to molest religion on a regular basis here. I don't do that as much now for the same reasons I don't repeatedly bang my head against this wall. It doesn't accomplish anything and it makes my head hurt. I suppose I'll just keep erring on the side of caution and hoping that no one ever tempts me with that scoff button, and we'll all stay friends.


  1. I would hit the Scoff button every time you post something about Quiet Company's music. BOOYA.

  2. Aww. I want to be in the choir.

    Hah. I was just having a similar problem today. A high school friend made some crack about Al Gore's Nobel Prize, and then someone else made a very ignorant crack about Obama... and... well.. I had to jump in and tell them both off. Of course. How could I not?


  3. I'm not really on facebook, but I just might join if they added a "roll eyes" button.

  4. Ha! Yeah, same concept, I guess.
    A while back it seemed like there was serious consideration for a "dislike" button, and I'm glad it never became a reality. "Scoff" would be even worse. I know we're all joking around here but I think a lot of people really want that kind of thing. What does it say about us that we want this sort of thing?

  5. That we are fallen. Or that we bear the stamp of our lowly evolutionary origins.
    Facebook makes me nervous. For some reason, twitter seems much less personally invasive.
    By the way, Sam Harris just participated in an interesting debate with William Lane Craig at Notre Dame here in Indiana. The audio is available here.

  6. I was actually just listening to that. Small world.