Thursday, May 20, 2010

By this time next week, we will all know what the deal with Lost is...

The Pizza Hut inside the Target food stand stopped serving the Buffalo chicken pizza. Well, there went the only pizza of value at the Pizza Hut food stand. They did begin offering pita chips with roasted red pepper hummus, but it's too little too late.

Harper already has so much personality, but today I was thinking about how much I'm looking forward to actually knowing what she thinks about things. I can't wait for her to be able to talk and ask questions. I wonder what things she'll be curious about and what things she won't care at all about.

So far, she has a strange love (if that's even the right word) for Doctor Who. She'll sit on my lap and watch Doctor Who for a long time. She doesn't sit still for any show like she does for Doctor Who. Leah thinks it's because of the accents, and maybe she's right, but I don't know. It's cute though. It's like our first father-daughter thing. I showed her the first few episodes of Fraggle Rock the other day and she seemed to think that was cool too. I didn't remember that show being so musical, but the songs are actually pretty good.

Speaking of musicals, did anyone else see/hear "I Dreamed a Dream" on Glee last Wednesday? I've always liked the songs from Les Miserables, but I'd kind of forgotten about it. It is so badass. Such a good melody and so many interesting changes in the chord structure. I really wish I'd written it and/or had the pipes to pull it off.

Also, I really wish Kent would do another English record.

Also, the song "Neon Tiger" by The Killers is pretty great.

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  1. Fraggle Rock is one of Sylvia's favorites. I'm glad Harper likes it. :)