Monday, May 3, 2010

Smurf you, and smurf your family.

The new record, Together, by The New Pornographers, is pretty great. I love that band.
I am concerned, however, about the new Apples in Stereo record. I've barely listened to it, but what I've heard hasn't excited me. So far, it seems like they took the handful of things that I didn't like about their last record and made an entire record out of those things. I really shouldn't say anything until I've had time to absorb the whole record. I really hope I end up loving it because I, generally, think that they're great.

I'm excited about practice tonight. Everyone will know their parts on the new songs tonight and we'll get to hear "Preaching to the Choir Invisible, Part II" fully developed for the first time. Should be fun.

I've been writing thank you cards to go with all our online orders of the new EP today. They're pretty random and sound more like an exercise in stream of consciousness writing than traditional thank you notes but they're a good time, nonetheless. My favorite one goes like this: "Hey pal! Thanks for smurfing our record. I hope you smurf it. If you don't, I'm going to smurf my smurf up your smurf. So don't smurf with us. Smurf, Taylor & QC"

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