Monday, August 17, 2009

Falling leaves should curse their branches.

One of the all-time greatest lyricists and songwriters has returned with a new album. On Sept. 1st, David Bazan will release Curse Your Branches, his second solo outing since leaving behind the moniker, Pedro the Lion.

There have been a few times in my life where I have really needed music to "get through it" and almost miraculously, I would discover a record that seemed to be written just for me at that time. In the summer of 2002, I broke up with my first long term girlfriend and, either by chance or design, picked up Wilco's Summerteeth and Common Children's The In between Time. They were both saying exactly what I needed to hear and seemed to offer the kind of comfort and encouragement that can only be sung. This may be another one of those for me.

I guess David Bazan and I have been on similar spiritual paths, though I think his involved more alcohol and the destruction of more relationships. Count my blessings. Count them one by one.

Once the Christian scene's indie darling, Bazan's new songs distance him from being the Christian scene's anything, and place him firmly in the piles of the disillusioned. As I said before, he's one of my favorite lyricists of all time and I would definitely consider him an influence. However, now I'm worried that people will think I'm ripping him off as I'm seeing parallels in his new record and the songs I'm writing for our 3rd record.

For example, here's some lyrics from "In Stitches."
"When Job asked you the question you responded 'Who are you to challenge your creator?'
Well if that one part is true, it makes you sound defensive like you had not thought it through enough to have an answer, or you might have bit off more than you could chew."

And here is part of a Quiet Company song I'm working on called "What I would Say to you now."
"Well, here's the thing that's really messed up: I don't know if you're there but I'm still talking to you! So, stand up and face your accusers, because I'm not Job and I will not be shut up by making claims that you and I both know you're not going to back up."

Its just the Job reference that makes me wonder and the fact that I'm sure that our record will have some common themes with Curse Your Branches. Oh well. All you can do is be yourself, right? OK? OK.

In other Quiet Company related nonsense, I did another email interview today and they asked me about musical influences. I said that I was really into the Beatles, Smashing Pumpkins, etc. but that Tommy hasn't listened to anything but the soundtrack for the Hannah Montanna movie since it came out and that Jeff and Matt share a love for anything Andrew Lloyd Webber, particularly, Cats.

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  1. I came across this entry because I wanted to read the original Job lines... I looked at your profile and noticed that most of the music, movies, and books that influenced you (or that you like) are similar for me o_O so I went to your myspace, and.. um.. this is really good. And i'm baffled as to why I've never heard of you before.

    I can definitely, _definitely_ hear Beatles and Bazan in your music.

    I'm curious if you've listened to neutral milk hotel? I'd be surprised if not, given who you listen to, and the scene you're in, but...

    And, the Mountain Goats? Particularly the sunset tree?

    Also, wow, your band has a wikipedia entry! ;)

    Huh. And your voice sounds similar to Stephen Malkmus...