Monday, August 3, 2009

I have a headache and its your fault

We saw "Funny People" on Friday, and the more I think about it, the more disappointed I think I am. Its certainly not a bad movie, but I don't think its up to the standard that Apatow and friends have set for themselves. I read a lot of critics saying that it was his least funny movie but his best movie. But if the guy makes comedies then it stands to reason that the least funny movie is the worst movie, not the best. I would say I enjoyed it for the most part, though.

Ordered some books today that I'm excited about. The first is Letter to a Christian Nation by Sam Harris. I started reading this while I was killing time at the bookstore the other day and it was really good. Very frank and logical, which I enjoyed.

The second is A Friendly Letter to Skeptics and Atheists: Musings on Why God Is Good and Faith Isn't Evil by David G. Myers. I think I'm actually the most excited about this one, because thanks to Amazon's "A look inside" feature, I've read the first few pages and Myers seems to write with a humility that I've not seen in any Christian writings thus far. One of the reviews on the Amazon page says "Faithheads will welcome the clarity with which Myers comes to their rescue. However, they too will find themselves challenged, reexamining their beliefs, assumptions and even their practices." I know this is going to be accommodational and that he will probably lose the argument, but he seems to be the kind of Christian the world really needs so I'm inclined to hear him out. He also has a book out that argues that Christians should be supportive of gay marriage and wrote one of the most standard psychology texts used at university level. Color me impressed.

Tonight the wife and I are cooking orange chicken and delighting in the fullness of life.

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