Tuesday, April 27, 2010

If my friend, Matt, is ever eaten by a shark, I've agreed to hunt/kill that shark and feed it to people at his wake so that Matt lives on in all of us

Yesterday, Leah and I took her father and his wife to Austin's Park and Pizza.

I don't know if anything kills my mood the way a bad game of Lazer Tag can. As much as I love the game, I seem to be on the receiving end of a curse. Whichever Lazer pack I pick will most certainly malfunction on some level. Usually, it's something small like, "My rapid-fire won't work." Yesterday, my pack would take hits, and my lazer would shoot, but it would not register on anyone else. I was utterly defenseless and just wandered around being murdered. I came in last place, with a whopping 0 points. I didn't want to play anymore after that. Besides, it smelled like B.O. in there, something fierce. And don't say that I just suck, I tested my gun at point blank range several times and it just didn't work.

Austin's Park and Pizza sucks ass. There are so many things there that should be awesome, lazer tag, go carts, video games, mini golf, batting cages, pizza buffet, etc. But somehow, nothing is as cool as it should be. The employees couldn't possibly care less and Leah said "Surely, these people are getting minimum wage." I proposed that, perhaps, they weren't being paid at all and were, in fact, slaves.

I think the best thing we did was the batting cages. I've always hated baseball because its so damn boring, but we had a lot of fun at the batting cages. I'm actually pretty great...as long as someone is lobbing softballs slowly at me.

We ended the evening by, unwisely, doing the spinning teacups on a full stomach. I can spin the shit out of those things and did so, at my wife's request. And that is why I felt bad for the next hour and a half.

Oh well, still not a bad way to kill an evening.

Todd and Hollie, graciously, babysat for us, so we got to hang out with them for a while when we got home, which I was glad of. We're getting pretty close to their due date, and then who knows how often we'll see them. I hope it's still often, though.

Also, when I got home there were about 7 boxes full of our new EP waiting in my foyer. They look and sound fantastic. Yay, discmakers!

So tonight, we'll be on channel 10 in Austin on the Infynit Hour, playing a live set (God, I hope it sounds good) and tomorrow, we'll be in Waco at Common Grounds and we'll be selling the EP a little early.
Good times.

Did everyone download the mix I made you? What were your favorite tracks? Were there any artists that you didn't know that you want to hear more of now?


  1. this post wins best headline ever.

  2. Loved Harper Simon's Cactus Flower Rag - had never heard of him before this.

  3. I second the "best headline ever" comment.

  4. I really liked 'Moses of the South' and 'Shadow Proves the Sunshine' a lot. I have somehow avoided Switchfoot for a long time, though I have never really followed contemporary christian stuff.

  5. I totally understand the desire to avoid contemporary Christian stuff, but Switchfoot has always been pretty great. He's just a really smart song writer and knows how to work a melody to pull your heartstrings.
    I'm really glad people are liking the Harper Simon. I feel like people write off the children of superstars easily, but I think he and Sean Lennon deserve any attention they get, on their own merits.

  6. Late to the response party, but I thought I'd chime in.

    Favorite was Cactus Flower Rag
    Lease favorite was What Should We Do With Your Body

    I'm really positive on most of it though.