Tuesday, April 13, 2010


The third installment of Quiet Company: Behind The EP is up and now you can all have certifiable proof of what a ham Leah really is. She's cute though. So is Harper, who also stars in the new video.

I really want to hear their voices right now, but Leah didn't pick up when I called. Guess she's busy. Oh well, she'll call back.

I'm looking forward to tonight. Todd and Hollie are coming over for dinner. We'll be ordering Domino's Pizza, which I never thought I would ever do, but they've really turned themselves around. It's pretty delicious now. I'm always really excited for my friends when they have babies, and that's especially true for Todd and Hollie. They're going to be great parents. They're both loving and kind and open and talented. Anyway, suffice to say, we love them and are so happy for them.

Todd almost joined Quiet Company not too long ago, but then he didn't.

We had our weekly rehearsal last night, and it was good. New songs are coming along nicely and I think everyone is having a good time playing them. I think that I don't care if we ever play "Brother, I Think You're In Love" again. I like the intro and the chorus but overall, I think it's one of the weakest songs I've written in a long time. Some people really love it, though, so I don't know what we'll do. As it stands, I can't see putting it on a proper record. I'd put it on an EP, probably.

I used to be a Jimmy Eat World fan. I mean, I still think they're OK and that Static Prevails kicks ass. I think the record they started to lose me was Bleed American. That's when they went from "band that makes great records" to "band that has a few good songs on each record." Mainly, I think it's because I don't think that those lyrics should come out of 30 year old men. Anyway, I'm not trying to do an in depth critique, but earlier today I had my Ipod on shuffle and a song from their newest record came on. I had kind of a "ewww yuck" reaction to it and skipped ahead. The song it landed on was Marilyn Manson's "The Dope Show." I thought, "Yeah, this song rules," and let it roll.

Just weird to think that if I went back to 1999 and told Past Taylor that one day he would prefer Marilyn Manson to Jimmy Eat World, I don't know what his reaction would be, but I doubt that he'd believe you.

Also, I was killing some time in the Barnes & Noble music section the other day, listening to the samples from this record or that one, and I found Harper Simon's record. That's Paul Simon's boy, in case you were wondering. I only got to listen to the samples but what I heard sounded great. Has anyone heard the whole record? He sounds like his father before he tarnished his name with those awful, cheesy, African drums and other world music tomfoolery.

Anyway, I'm going to try and snag a copy of that soon.

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  1. "those awful, cheesy, African drums and other world music tomfoolery."

    Haha and Chevy Chase music videos. I feel like there was an African Drums and other world music tomfoolery trend around that time. It was like the Don't Worry Be Happy curse or something.

    I like Bleed American, but there are some painfully cheesy songs on that record that I always skip.