Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Separate...and far from equal.

Yesterday, I talked a little bit about how I would feel if my child were bullied or was a bully. Today, I'd like to talk about what I'd do if my child was gay, wanted to take her same sex partner to prom, the school cancelled the prom because of it, the media got wind of the story, the school realized how bad they looked and decided not to cancel the prom and told her she could bring her date, and then organized a special prom for her and 5 other rejects while inviting every other student to the real prom, successfully managing to keep it a secret from her.

Yeah....That really happened.

Now, I don't know this girl, so it may be that she is a total asshole and even the people who realized it was an awful thing to do still didn't want her around. But I really doubt that that's the case. So how is it that not one single person, not one student, not one teacher, not one parent, stood up and said, "Hey, this is the biggest dick move ever?" No one. What an awful place that must be to live in.

I'm not someone who thinks that people should run and get a lawyer over every little thing, but if that were my kid, I'd sue the shit out of that school. And then I'd move. They'd be eating beans and gruel for lunch everyday after I got done with them. Someone needs to make an example out of these people.


  1. The water in this town needs to be checked for heavy metals. These people are certifiably fucking nuts.

  2. I wonder what the school board's reaction would have been if a male conservative Mormon or Muslim student had asked to bring multiple female dates. Or if a male student with an openly sexual relationship with one of his female relatives had asked.
    I'm not necessarily trying to make a comparison between homosexual relationships and bigamous/incestuous relationships. I just wonder what our conception of sexual normatively is as a culture.

  3. Oh please. If a young man wanted to bring 3 girls to the prom no one would bat an eyelash.

    And these people aren't crazy. It would be excusable if they were crazy. What they are is discriminatory asshats. I heard about this earlier this week and was absolutely horrified. This is absolutely unacceptable.

    How could the parents, the teachers, the other students be so horrible? I can't imagine the mindset. I can't even get to a place where this makes any sense, or seems anything other than ridiculous and immoral.

  4. ugh. i read about this the other day. it made me sick to my stomach. to not only overreact by canceling the whole prom, but then to go on and openly mock, alienate and deceive the girl is unconscionable.