Wednesday, March 24, 2010

One surefire way to lose a little faith in humanity is to read or watch or smell Ann Coulter.

This image is in honor of my friends, Bleach, getting back together.

So health care reform has been passed. No matter how you feel about it, let's all hope for the best, shall we? My favorite thing about it, so far, is when Joe Biden leans over and says to the president "This is a big fucking deal." This is the kind of thing that makes me really like Joe Biden. I supported him in the primaries, and its partly because he's the kind of guy who says "This is a big fucking deal" when the thing in question is, obviously, a big fucking deal.

My least favorite thing about health care reform passing, so far, is that Rush Limbaugh promised that, if it passed, he would move to Costa Rica, and now it's passed and his fat ass hasn't gone anywhere. Oh well, I'm sure that if there is a hell, then there's probably a special realm of it reserved for the kind of hypocritical, right wing, assholes who have the gall to mock Michael J. Fox. He gave us Back To The Future and Teen Wolf. What has Rush done to make the world a better place? I assure you, he hasn't done anything even as good as Family Ties.


  1. Hurrah! I feel similarly: that we should hope for the best and continue to be involved, be aware, pay attention. Because things will change, grow, evolve and I am hoping that it only gets better. If it is possbile for me to do anything to encourage and promote that, then I will do it. In the meantime, can we all agree (in a sane, logical, rational, calm way), that America has not just effed itself?

    To be fair, Alec Baldwin also promised to leave the US if Bush won the 2000 election...but he stayed. It's a funny thing and I think a lot of people say it - I know that before this last election my boyfriend stated emphatically several times that if McCain/Palin conquered all we would be moving to Europe and I was all, "Hell yeah!", because,'s Europe, who doesn't want to live there? Not me! Maybe Rush & Alec could start a club...though I do not think either of them would survive the first hour of the first meeting.

    I just read an article on HuffPost about Ann Coulter and how she continues to get invited to speak at colleges for large sums of money and almost every time students rise up and protest...some to an awesome degree of passionate, indignant anger. That woman is a dum dum. She is not as clever as she thinks she is and she does not have the whole "tongue in cheek" bit down so her attempt at edginess? Comes off as raving, psychotic bitch. OK, I can feel myself going to a "bad" place so I have to stop talking about her now.

    Thumbs up for Michael J. Fox! Oh my gaaaaawd I am at work and it is beating my brain in and I don't want to stop typing this comment because it means I have to go back to work. Losing it here. I don't know anyone in the WC biz who isn't a little bit nuts though...


    I'm sorry. I think I went temporarily insane. I'm all better now.