Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Songs For Staying In lyrics

The official release date for the new EP is May 11th. However, you can get a digital copy of the EP now, when you pre-order the CD. Just go to our site and click the appropriate buttons. Also, you can see the first of six promo videos that we made, the first for "How Do You Do It?" You can also stream that track, if you like.

Since people are going to start having the record now, I figured I might as well go ahead and post the lyrics. They are, for the most part, pretty straight forward love songs. It's probably not my best work, which is why some of them were left off of Everyone You Love..., but there are some moments I'm pretty proud of in there as well. Enjoy.

How Do You Do It?
You belong to me, and that's that (no need for explaining).
And I belong to you, and I've got nothing to complain about.
I just want to see your smile in the morning. I just want to wake up next to you, love. Because you are the one, you know you're my only one.
And I don't know what I would do if I didn't have you. Oh, I'd probably die. I can't seem to take care of myself.
You're a part of me (the best part of me, darlin').
You're a part of me, so I try to be good.
How do you do it? You're always on top...of everything.
Oh, come to me. Oh, you never leave my head, so let's never leave the bed.
At least, not for a while.

Things You Already Know

The sun will be gold and the skies will be blue, when you're holding me, and I'm holding you. We'll pace ourselves until the sun steps over the hill.
Because nothing's as good when you're not around and I go quietly out of my mind. Oh, I come undone. When the sun steps over the hill...
I'm only saying things you already know. So close to perfect from your head to your toes, and I'm in love with you, body and soul. You know I am.
You can be sure, I'll make you believe, I am all of a man that you'll need. I've got what it takes, and my bones don't break.
I'm gonna love you for the rest of my days. I carved a place out in my heart where you'll stay, and I will always keep you happy and safe. You know I will. And when the sun steps over the hill...
When the sun goes down and the lights go off, well, you and I will frame up the scene. There we'll be slightly pornographic, but life is always better when your fairly obscene. So when the sun goes down and the lights go off, well, you and I will frame up the scene to be completely pornographic b/c life is always better when you're fairly obscene, and I'm gonna love you til I die.

Hold My Head Above The Water

Do you want to know me forever?
I do, I do.
Do you want to love me forever?
I do, I do.
Will you hold my head above the water when it's rising so fast?
I've never known any other that could make me feel so blessed

Jezebel or 'A Song For My Friend About That Whore He Dated'
Jezebel, I can hear you moaning in my head. As I toss and turn, you do the same thing in some new lovers bed, while I'm wishing I was dead. Did the heart that was so soft just turn to lead?
It might be wrong, but I'm leaving. I'm gonna find me a wife, and it ain't hard to believe in love in a city of lights. It won't take long, because I'm leaving, I'm leaving tonight.Time will tell if I'm gonna make it through this little Hell, my prison cell. The walls all seem to shrink and swell, in the apt. where I fell and screamed "Oh god, don't let me rot here by myself!"
And after all that I gave you, you still want to be something a little less respectable. After all that I gave you, you still want to be so far away, so far away from me. Come back to me.

If You Want
Lift my head out of my hands, and I'm begging you to say, "would you please take me home with you?" I shutter to think of all the horrible things I could be if I'd never have held you. And if you want, we can go out tonight and be alone. And if you want, we can stay in tonight, be at home, let the whole wide world just worry about it's own. It's you and me.
I'm sure I'll give you plenty of reasons to leave but you won't. No, you won't leave me hanging. We spring from and return to the earth but in between, you will always belong to me.
It's you and me, a nation of two. Let's do what we please, let's love what we do.

The Biblical Sense of The Word
When the morning comes, we will wake, and the sun will kiss you beautiful face.
And if you want to know the truth, I can say "You are my favorite part of every day."
Oh, love ain't so tough, you will see. Just open up your arms to me, and don't make no vow you can't keep, and I'll lay my pride down at your feet.
Because neither the heavens nor the earth can equal what you're worth. I know you.
I would fall apart if I didn't have your heart. I know you would too.
We make our lives worth living when we love each other. Yeah, we can move the mountains with our love.
You whisper you love me in my ear. When you tell me you love me, suddenly, I'm not scared. You've got me right where you want me and I will stay here, because when you tell me you love me, suddenly, I'm not scared.
We make our lives worth living when we love each other.


  1. i love the lyrics! i can't wait to get the EP.

  2. Are you kidding me? The songs and lyrics were fucking awesome on this EP. We listen to it all the time, in rotation with everything else you've done.