Tuesday, May 5, 2009

72 hours left...approximately.

We're now about 3 days away from, hopefully, being able to induce labor if we haven't arrived there naturally already. Only 3 small days stand between life as I know it and fatherhood. Shit. This is surreal. I'm not scared of fatherhood though, honestly, I'm not. If I can just get past the fragile infant part without breaking her I know I'll be fine. I know this because I believe that I understand what it means and what it takes to be a good dad, largely because I, personally, had a good dad. Still do, in fact. My parents taught me morality, responsibility, self awareness, and compassion. They weren't perfect and never tried to convince me that they were or that they always had the answer, instead they endeavored tirelessly to convince me that whatever happened, they would always love me. My brother is also a dad now, and he's doing his part to prove that the Muse men make for great dads. I have no reason to think that I'll break this tradition.

Leah told me that my blog today should be about how I wanted a boy and now I'm really glad to be having a girl. Its true, I really wanted a boy. Mostly, because I felt like a boy would be so much less work and no matter what life stage he was at, I'd be able to relate, having been there myself. Also, my greatest fear is that my precious baby girl would turn out like this:

or even worse, like this:

But I guess those fears are somewhat irrational. I'm sure the parents that produced those two monsters knew that the apples wouldn't fall far from the trees. Leah and I are both loving, intelligent and responsible people and my only hope is that Harper is kind, wise, creative, and as happy as she can be. I don't think that's asking too much. The best possible senario is that she ends up like this:


  1. What you and Leah share is truly a rarity :)

  2. Girls are easier. Of course nevering having a baby boy means, "what do I know"? But trust me, girls are better. In fact, girls are so good, I believe you even married one of my baby girls. The hardest thing about having a girl is that one day, you won't be the #1 man in her life. That is tough and it's an adjustment. I figure if I managed it, you could. Of course, having someone who adored my daughter and who my daughter adored made it somewhat easier.

    Now, having said all that, if Harper ends up like Sarah Palin, I will personally break every bone in your body. But I will still love you.

  3. this is so sweet! i'm victoria, i've been reading leah's blogs since the diaryland days. congratulations to you both!

  4. if she ends up like Palin I'll hold your attacker's coats.