Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My daughter apparently hates it when I sleep.

I'm really tired. Leah and I take shifts at night with Harper and it seems that on my shift she hates sleep and loves crying but then the next morning Leah insists that she was really good for her. That's some bullshit, there! I guess she's cute enough that I'll let it slide, though.

Quiet Company had our first practice in over a month last night and it went well. It felt good to play again and see my musical brothers, though it felt bad to leave my wife and child after I'd already been away at work all day. These are the lives we've chosen. Tonight after work isn't much better. I've got to go downtown to record an in studio performance for NPR that will play in Austin next Thursday I believe. I sound ungrateful, and I certainly don't mean to. I shouldn't say I've "got" to do that, I should say I "get" to do that. I'm very, very thankful for all the attention the record and band have gotten.

Kurt Vonnegut used to say that whenever you find yourself in pleasing circumstances its important to recognize it and say out loud, "If this isn't nice, I don't know what is," so as not to take it for granted and whatnot. I find myself saying that all the time.

The new mewithoutYou album, It's all crazy! It's all false! It's all a dream! It's alright, came out yesterday and I went and snagged it on my lunch break. Just as I'd heard, the era of Aaron's talk-yelling is over and the era of singing has been ushered in. And just as I predicted, they've made a terrific record. The record sounds more like Neutral Milk Hotel than previous mewithoutYou, but the brilliant poetry and smart understanding of musical arrangement remain. I'm giving it a thumbs up.

Also, I was looking through Entertainment Weekly today and I found something I think is funny.

As someone who used to smoke, I feel like I understand what appeals to people in a cigarette ad. People start smoking because it looks cool. Anyone who tells you different is deluding themselves. To me, and I believe most people, smoking is one of the most effortless ways to look cool and it takes tremendous effort to make it look uncool, but congratulations, Newport, you did it. How does this even advertise anything other than looking like a dweeb who's clearly having trouble blowing out 3 candles. Maybe he has Emphysema? If anything this is an effective anti-smoking ad.

I'm not advocating smoking, just to be clear, I'm just saying that if you want to be cool and look cool the best thing to do is to smoke cigarettes.


  1. I haven't had a cigarette in over 3 and a half months. Seriously. Not even a secret cigarette. I am so uncool.

  2. Hmmm, I wouldn't give that advice to Harper. About smoking, I mean.

  3. "I shouldn't say I've "got" to do that, I should say I "get" to do that." -- I really like that mentality.

    And I love that you wrote, "dweeb."

  4. who the fuck smokes newports anyways.

  5. i didnt know you smoked! glad you stopped ;)
    ...and i wish i knew more about babies to give you some tips about the crying! im sure youll have some for me soon enough.

  6. I know nothing about cigarette prices but I noticed that Newports were over $7 a pack at the gass station yesterday! REALLY? You need to slowly kill yourself that bad that you are willing to pay that much for it? Crap, give me $6 and I bet I can come up with something involving you wearing Ray-Bans and a drawn-out death. You'll be just as cool. promise.

  7. i know i only "shared" a birthday party with yall once ..and by shared i mean i was the brat who was sayin uh its my birthday too. and thats how i know yall. but i really enjoy reading your posts. wish leahs blog was easier to get to. ha . my feeble mind can only find it when she comments on yours. so make her make herself for accessible.