Thursday, May 7, 2009

natural selection at

I'll probably post again today especially since this is probably the last day I won't be a father, but I've been looking at pictures all day and I saw pictures of my brother's family at the Dallas zoo. I guess that put me in the mood to look at animals. So feast your eyes upon the smallest of the nocturnal primates...The Aye Aye.

Also, deep deep in the ocean where the water pressure is intense, nature has formed the Blob Fish.

Yeah...these are real.


  1. Is that a blob fish or Ziggy?

  2. HA! That DOES look like Ziggy. Well, whatever it is, I don't prefer to look at it. It is creeping me out right now.

  3. God god. That blob is creepy.

  4. The blob fish looks like someone's scribble drawing!