Tuesday, May 12, 2009

FACT: Babies smell like eggs...a lot of the time.

This is a fact that no one tells you. So here it is, for all you expecting parents out there...

1. Your beautiful baby will fart ALL the time.
2. Those farts will maybe/probably smell like boiled eggs.

Harper is doing really well and aside from some strange sleep schedules, so are Leah and I. We've been so happy these last few days and Harper's arrival has provided us a lot of really great opportunities to serve one another. Its been rewarding to say the least. But yeah, Harper farts a whole lot for such a cute baby.

Another great thing about Harper is that she's not easily disturbed by noise. In fact, she seems to sleep the best in the living room with the TV on real loud. When she's in her room and its quiet and peaceful she tends to wake up and cry more often. So I moved an extra CD player that we have into her room and burned her her first mix CD, and I think that that's helped her sleep better. Its got some great stuff on it: Beatles, Iron & Wine, Ben Folds, Simon & Garfunkle, Smashing Pumpkins, Mogwai, Death Cab for Cutie, Sam Cooke, etc... She has good taste.

Tonight Jen and Jerad are bringing us dinner and that's very sweet. I'm so glad that our lives have turned out to include the community of friends that it does. I'm really happy to have all the surrogate aunts and uncles that will have a hand in shaping our daughter. I only wish that her real aunts and uncles lived here too. Then our community would really be pretty damn near perfect. So Seth, Kara, Elana, Cameron & Jessica, all need to realize that their lives would certainly be better in or around Austin and get their collective asses here ASAP.

Leah's mom has been here for the last few days helping out. Its been very helpful and she's sure to be a very loving and beloved grandmother. She wanted to be called Nonnie, but I have been pushing for "Grandmonster" and its looking like I'm going to pull the win. My mother will be here next week. She already has two grandchildren and goes by "Gigi." I've told her that I don't care for that name so I'll probably go to work creating another one that I can convince Harper to call her. We'll see.

Yesterday, we took Harper to see Aunt Robin and Uncle Jeremy and she met her new best friends, Olivia and Estlin. It was lovely.


  1. Thanks for having us over. I know you guys are still settling in to parenthood (and doing a damn good job), but I am selfish and wanted to visit you all. :)

  2. I love that you guys are raising her on good music from the start. That'll carry her a long way!

  3. How sweet that you have already made Harper her first mixed tape! But what would you expect from a father who is so passionate about music. And I did not know that you disliked my grandmaw name. I think it is cute.

  4. Oh, I can hardly wait to spend time with you guys and sweetie Harper next week.

  5. I just wanted to leave a comment, on a note other than your lovely daughter, that I'm loving your CD, Red and Gold is such a beautiful song! I'm a long-time reader of Leah's blog and I've loved "hearing" you develop as a musician and get some well-deserved recognition!