Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Xanga for president.

I've been reading the news all morning and of course, as it always is, its largely about our government and what's going on. Most of the stories that I've seen today focus on the Israel-Palestine conflict and Iran and they're all pretty much reporting the same story. So I'm going to weigh in because...well, honestly, for no good reason. No one has any reason to read this and change your political standpoint, and I accept that. I recently went back through my old Xanga entries (yeah, its still there) and around the time that John Kerry was running for president my posts got really political. Somewhat militantly so. I certainly don't want a repeat of that now. I'm a few years older and hopefully quite a bit wiser and more mature.

I'll just say, with no intention of offence, that I believe that Obama is doing the right thing in forcing Israel to actually take action toward resolving the conflict and not just pay lip service to the notion of peace. Here is one such article.

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  1. I agree with you, but what will really be impressive is if Obama follows through with his "hints." The U.S. NEVER holds Israel accountable for basically...anything. It'd be awesome if someone finally did.