Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Where do the weekends go?

Leah and I planned to get out a little bit this weekend, but it didn't pan out the way we thought. Leah started feeling sick and we figured that she had caught something from our friends, the Davis family, but it turned out to be a breast infection. Thankfully, the antibiotics the doctor prescribed started working pretty quickly.

So this weekend pretty much just included hanging out at the house, getting my hair cut off, watching both Toy Story movies, and a Spectacular Spider-Man marathon on the Disney XD channel (which was excellent). I've also taken a liking to the newest Batman show called "Batman: the Brave & the Bold." Every episode includes Batman teaming up with another hero, usually a b-lister like Green Arrow or the Outsiders. Its a lot of fun.

I like to read but I hate it when it takes forever to get through a book. A friend of mine raves about The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins, so I've been reading it, partly to satisfy him. I'm a little over halfway done and its not that I dislike it, I don't. He's a very elegant writer and pretty easy to understand, even though he's dealing with complex ideas. I guess its one of those that takes a little more effort to grasp everything he says so its taking longer. Last year I read the Harry Potter series all the way through about 4 times. Its literally all I read last year. I miss it now, and for my money, Harry Potter is the greatest work of fiction in the history of recorded story telling. After my year of Potter, I read the His Dark Materials trilogy (You know, the one with The Golden Compass. They made a movie out of it.) by Phillip Pullman. I thought the first book was definitely the strongest but the whole series is top notch, full of likable characters and a well developed plot. Its a little bit messed up at times, though, so maybe its not one for the kids as much.

I think this blog is pretty boring, and I apologize. Hopefully, someone will at least want to talk about books.


  1. I'm not sure how I happened upon your (and your wife's) blog, but it's been interesting reading! I am in love with your baby's name. I hope you don't think it's creepy. I sometimes think it's so weird how people can know so much about someone they've never met before.
    ANYWAY, I love reading. I recently finished a booked called "The Unlikely Disciple" that I think you might be interested in since you sometimes discuss religion on your blog.
    I hope you pick it up and enjoy it.

  2. I love love to read Ayn Rand's stuff, but I swear it takes me 2 years to finish one of her novels. I have a pseudo-crush on Rowling. because I am in awe of what she did with the Harry Potter series. I wish I had 1/100th of her creativity.

  3. I did not read this weekend but I did see the new "Star Trek" Good! Brought back a lot of memories.

  4. "Harry Potter is the greatest work of fiction in the history of recorded story telling."

    Thats a bold statement, and I wouldn't agree with you. However I sleep with someone who also drinks the kool-aid of Harry Potter. Don't get me wrong, Its a fine story but the greatest work of fiction? Its to soon, and while I admit that the thing will have legs, your putting it up against stories like The Odyssey, Macbeth, The Wizard Of OZ, To Kill A Mockingbird, etc.

    Again Henry Potter nerds i speak no ill will, and would agree its the most important piece of fiction in the last 15 years or so, but all time....

    p.s. how about discussing the suckness that is going to be Super suits in G.I. Joe the movie, and how no one screams Yo Joe! or Cobra la la la la la.

  5. I [apparently] love to buy books and then never read them.

  6. I am not a big fan of Henry Potter myself, but I would agree that To Kill A Mockingbird is quite amazing. It is the only book from high school that I really remember. Well, there is also the book that Mrs. Yates read us when we were sophomores (i think) that was about Titi and Tata. I can't seem to remember the title. Hope the fam is feeling better. I can't wait to hold Miss Harper again.

  7. Cameron, my love, I realize that saying Harry Potter is the greatest work of recorded fiction ever is a bold statement, but its one that I stand by. And I will, honestly, Avada Kedavra anyone who says otherwise...

  8. but when you say storytelling do you mean simply in literature. Because you could call things like Star Wars or the Songs of Bob Dylan storytelling just the same.

    For that matter i enjoying swinging through New York with Spidey to some stuffy old school in England.

  9. I was specifically talking about literature, I guess. However, I guess you could compare different medias if you're basing it solely on the story. That being said, I still think Potter holds up. I really love Harry Potter.

    And if you're going to throw Spidey into the mix, I think you'll have to pick a specific story arch. I know how much you love that clone saga.

    And Hogwarts isn't stuffy.