Thursday, June 4, 2009

Gotta eat to live, gotta steal to eat...

Today, Leah and Harper came and ate lunch with me and it was lovely. We went to Cosco because its really cheap and surprisingly delicious. While we were there, Leah and I noticed a really cute little boy who couldn't have been more than 3 years old. After we both made a few comments about how cute he was, Leah said "...he looks like a street rat." I laughed a lot. In hindsight, the boy did look a lot like the little homeless kid in Disney's Aladdin. And now I'm listening to the Aladdin soundtrack at my desk.

A while back I had the idea of doing a show where all the bands would pick a Disney movie and do their own renditions of the soundtracks. We could make it a really early show with more of a family atmosphere so people could bring their kids. I still plan on doing it because I think it would be a lot of fun. Quiet Company has already got dibs on Aladdin and I've spent a little time on reworking the songs but it hasn't been a priority, what with a baby, an album, an upcoming EP and upcoming musical of our own to worry about.

Leah's grandmother is coming to visit from Canada tomorrow, so we're really excited to see her. She's a good time. Actually we've got a myriad of guests this weekend. Leah's mom is coming in on Saturday to see Leah's grandmother (and also I'm sure she won't mind seeing Harper), and then next week Leah's dad is coming in.

I finished mixing a demo today, perhaps I'll post it tomorrow, perhaps I won't. Sounds pretty good though, if I do say so myself. Todd from Jets Under Fire helped out on the drums, so thanks to him.

I haven't seen the Davis twins in a bit and I miss them. I'll probably try and stop by there today, so if you're reading this, Davis family, be prepared.


  1. That picture pretty much illustrates him perfectly.

  2. One night while at karaoke, my boyfriend James and I were looking through the song book. We've never had 'a song', but I ask what it should be so that we have something to dance to at our wedding. While looking through the song book, James points to a song and says "This should be our song."
    It was 'A Whole New World.'
    I thought he was kidding...turns out he was actually kind of serious!
    It's a serious consideration.

  3. i think the idea of covering Disney songs is BRILLIANT. and if you do it, you better tell us when and where ;)

  4. i think you can expect a cease & desist letter from the house of mouse any day now, which would be a perfect time for me to bust out that mickey costume. in fact if you do this show its almost offensive if you don't use that as the poster.

  5. Love the Disney cover show idea! Maybe if you do it in Dallas at a family location Kya could come hear her Uncle TayTay!

  6. That's so weird. I was talking about the street rat kid & the way they were illustrated as chewing the other day.

    Anyway, I liked the Brad Neely. Have you ever read PBF Comics?

    (I don't know if this'll load my account name, but this is Mallory from CT)