Monday, June 1, 2009

I want my MTV

Leah and I watched the 2009 MTV movie awards last night, and I must say they were really entertaining. I thought Andy Samberg was a great host, mainly because the show seemed to be one Lonely Island skit after another. Eminem was amazing and I'm thinking I may need to get that new record, after all. I felt bad for him when Sasha Baron Cohen had his way with him, though. Poor thing just doesn't seem to have much of a sense of humor about a naked man's ass falling in his face.

Speaking of MTV... Up in the great north, MTV.CA has added our newest video "Its better to spend money..." to their website and one of the other Canadian music TV channels, Fuse, played the song as background music for a countdown last week. Thanks, Canada!

In other Quiet Company news, today Soundcheck Magazine is posting their 21st issue, which features a 4 page spread about us. I've read the article already and while its very well written, I must confess, I didn't expect him to talk about some of the stuff I said with such transparency. A couple things in the article made me a little uncomfortable, but maybe that's a good thing. Also, he got a few things wrong which I'll clarify here but they're not a big deal.

1. The article paints my childhood as more strict than it actually was. My parents were very wary of secular music but I wouldn't say that I was "forbidden" to listen to it. They actually bought me Mellon Collie & the Infinite Sadness, I didn't have to sneak it into my room.
2. The article makes it seem as if Leah and I were never Christians, particularly around the time of our wedding, but that's not true. While we may have not been the most devout of believers, we did very much consider ourselves to belong in that category.
3. When Derrick is talking about specific lyrics from the album that deal with religious imagery, he doesn't necessarily always translate the metaphors the way I meant them, but that's something that I like about songwriting.

All in all, I think its a really sweet, hopefully endearing, article. Its supposed to go online today around 3, so go check it out.

I had a doctors appointment the other day to try and finally get this god forsaken acne off my face. While I was there, they weighed me and I did not like the result. So yesterday, I went running. I'm going to try and run every night, or maybe alternate between running and bicycling. All that to say, I hurt all over today. Its really important to me to stay fit so that by the time Harper is old enough to retain memories, I still have enough energy to play with her.


  1. my ANNOYING adult-onset acne cleared up once I nixed grains and sugar from my diet. a friend of mine had horrid cystic acne, which went away when he cut out dairy. so maybe it's a food allergy thing? good luck either way! I think accutane would be more fun than swearing off cookies.

    AND good luck with the music too! you guys sound great, hopefully it's just a matter of time before things take off in a big way. :)

    your writing is so great! I've been following leah's blog for years, and you seem like great individuals, and amazing collectively. go you guys!



  3. Seems that little Harper has brought on a lot of self-evaluation. Good luck with the healthly life style. They say that if you can do something 7 days in a row, it becomes a habit.

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  5. 1. that Eminem/Bruno stuff was staged.
    2. That Eminem album is absolutely terrible. I would be more than happy to send it to you if you would like to waste your time.
    3. You should have pointed out that Leah took all the pics in that article and they look great.
    4. This is all you should have blogged about today:
    This is by far the coolest Star Wars related thing I have ever seen and I am now completely bummed out by George Lucas's lack of vision. This is what we would get if Peter Jackson was aloud to write & direct a Star Wars movie. Anger is leading to hate and hate is leading to me getting into my car and driving to Mr. Lucas's pad, kidnapping him and making him watch this trailer.
    You better blog about this tomorrow.

  6. i agree with #3 that paul posted.

  7. Every decision and action by a loving parent is done out of sincere love & devotion for their child. You'll soon come to realize that with Harper. The goal is to raise a loving, strong, morally upright and independent adult. Write about what a good job your parents did. How they supported you all your life to follow your dreams-financially, spiritually and emotionally and encouraged your growth & development of that dream. Just saying!

  8. Read the article. I'm little bothered by how pre-occpied it was with religion, intead of the music. I'm actually quite fond of the discussion of religion in your lyrics, and here in this blog. It's one of the things that's kept me here, as a listener and as a reader. However, I think the article makes it sound more adversarial, focusing on the "but you've been misrepresented" more than the "Oh lord I love you so" aspect... the conflict without the joy. And it's the combination that I love.

    Anyway. I worry that it overfocused, and readers who are unfamiliar with you will think you're a great deal more bitter than your music tells me you might be. :)

  9. Green, I think you're probably right. I think its very well written but I was a little uncomfortable with how much it focused on that as well. Also, it also made my family look more concerned than supportive which isn't accurate either, and that makes me feel bad. I'm not bitter at all, so I hope no one gets that idea. Thanks so much for listening and reading.

  10. you can't help what the papers print. You nor anyone in your family should let any of it concern you. I hope it brings more masses to QC.