Wednesday, June 17, 2009

"I love you" "I know"

I don't think I really knew what I wanted out of life until I fell in love with Leah. I'd been "in love" before but when she and I got together, there was no denying that this was something I had never experienced. We've been married for 3 years today and I can, without a doubt, say that they've been the best 3 years of my life.

In Vonnegut's Mother Night, the protagonist is a playwright who writes a play called "A Nation Of Two" for his wife. The idea is that the two of them form their own nation that has no room and no need for politics, religion, greed, or other people. I love that book so much because that's how I feel about Leah and I, though now we're a nation of three. Which is not to say that we don't love all our friends and family but suffice to say that I'd rather spend eternity in hell with Leah than in heaven without her, if I believed in such places.

Last night we played at Emo's in Austin, and it was OK. All the bands were really good, I just wish we'd had a little more solid of a show. My voice went totally out on the last song which was really frustrating, but thankfully, the Rocketboys were there to sing with us, which is always great.

Coincidentally, on the Emo's outdoor stage, mewithoutYou was playing last night and their set started right after ours so I was happy. However, I'm sad to say that this band, while having made some of my favorite records in the past few years, has gotten lazy as a live band. The first time I saw them they were clearly out to make a name for themselves. They covered the stage in rose pedals and accented their crescendos by throwing them up in explosive displays. Their energy was undeniable. Now, I just don't feel like they try as hard. I was also really curious to see how their new material translated to a live setting. The answer is "not well." After a few songs, I realized that they'd probably never top that first time I saw them and went home to help my wife put our daughter to bed.

I've added an widget to the side of my blog so I can recommend things to people who happen by here and maybe earn some credit for myself at Amazon. So, bad show review aside, mewithoutYou's new record is on there and you really should pick it up, as well as all that other crap I've decided to push on you.


  1. The top recommendation you've got on there is Sirens of Titan (although when I went to leave you this comment, it shuffled down)! I love that book so much.

  2. I love it too. I'm actually reading it again, right now, as well as the John Lennon biography.

  3. At your suggestion Josh and I did go over to watch mewithoutYou's set and we were unimpressed, so I'd have to say I agree with your assessment even thoguh I didn't hear them before.

    I thought your show was really great last night. I really adored the whole feel of Modern Men live, especially when the Rocket Boys joined in. The sight of them climbing up on stage to join you was really theatrical and I'm glad I was there. :)