Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I'm Taylor and I'm a Mac.

I grew up as a PC user like most people do. My schools always had PCs and that's what I became computer literate on, so because of that, I'm sure, I saw Macintosh computers as these difficult, uncomfortable things with only one inefficient button on the mouse.

Near the end of high school I started dating a girl who's dad was a graphic designer and their whole family was thoroughly indoctrinated in the Apple cult. Not just because of them but because of a lot of people who derive a sense of superiority from their computer choice, I was more turned off towards Macs. I just thought it was a computer and acting like a snob because other people like the PC operating system is, at best, silly.

When we put together Quiet Company, I needed a new computer for recording demos and live tracks and by this time I had softened to the idea of a Mac because I'd noticed that that was the computer of choice for just about everyone with creativity based careers. So I got a Mac but I never got snobby about it, though I was/am very happy with my choice. So for a few years now, I've been exclusively using a Mac, rarely operating a PC. But when I started this job I found myself using one everyday. Its a Dell desktop and I hate it. I hate it so much. It gets viruses and crashes or freezes, it runs ridiculously slow and will only load about half the pictures online, and its processing power is such that watching a simple video is a harrowing affair. I still don't understand the elitism that is the Macintosh Cult but at the same time I will probably never ever buy another PC. And if I could get away with it, I'd probably punch holes in this one.


  1. i have both and think they both serve their purpose. I use my mac more I suppose and bought it for the same reason, as its pretty much industry standard now.

  2. Have you tried Linux? I use it and it works well! :)

  3. I've been using Windows since I was a wee little bub (commander keen on DOS, anyone?) and though, admittedly, I've never really had a chance to get used to Macs... I DON'T WANT TO. My sister-in-law has one and every time I go over there I want to end my life. Who's the sadist that decided to put the min, max, and close buttons on the WRONG side of the windows? What is this strange internet browser that I've never heard of? Why is every action so ANIMATED? Ugh. These things just aren't for me.

    Ps- I love lurking you and Leah. Have for years. Without a doubt my favourite couple ever :)

  4. I started using Macs full time in 2001, my Senior year of high school when I edited video for my production class. Mac OS X was brand new and 10.1 came out a month into school so I helped update and install an entire lab worth of OS updates. I had fun with it, I loved the Aqua interface so I bought a G3 Titanium Powerbook for college. I also wanted an iPod and at this point they only worked with Macs.

    I was studying music at the time and I remember being really frustrated that Finale still didn't have a OS X version of their software out. Other than that, I never had complaints working in OS X.

    I later got back to editing and bought the first Intel Macbook Pros. I gave my old G3 to a friend who still has it running (it's 7 years old now) and uses it as his every day computer. I've been playing with the Windows 7 Beta and I think it's great that Macs can now run Windows but I just don't have a desire or a need for one. Given that Apple is only charing $30 for Snow Leopard when it comes out in September, there's not even a chance for me to consider leaving Macs behind.

    Didn't your Macbook get stolen on tour when someone broke into your van? What kind of Mac are you using now?

  5. Mac works perfect for my two majors: computer science and digital media studies (graphic design/audio/video production/new media all in one degree). On the CS side, it's great because OS X is just a Unix system with a pretty interface. Thus, all of the useful tools come built in (svn/perl/awk/php/etc). It's useful for DMS for all of the same reasons mentioned above. Not to mention very quick and simple for my music.

  6. Josh,
    Yes, when we were in Atlanta someone busted out our window and stole my laptop, my ipod, and our drummers laptop. We were just coming back from a lunch with a Columbia Records A & R guy and were feeling really good about ourselves when we happened upon the van. My brother sold me his Macbook because he couldn't get the software that he needed for his job on Mac, so that's what I'm using now.