Monday, June 15, 2009

Hey, did you ever see Apocolypto? Yeah, it was really good, I liked it when he made poison darts with the frogs. Oh, yeah, me too.

I'm really tired today. Big deal. I'm tired everyday. Harper pretty much slept through the night on Saturday. She only did it once, but still, that's progress.

Tonight we've got band practice and then tomorrow night, a show. We're at Emo's in Austin with Dear & the Headlights and the Bright Light Social Hour. I've never heard either of them but I'm sure they're fabulous. Come on down.

Actually, we're playing a show in a couple of weeks in Austin that we really do need to beg everyone to come to. We're playing one of Antone's anniversary shows, and for some reason, unknown to me, we've been asked to headline it. Flattering but sure to be disappointing. We have secured a really solid bill for that one though. Its us, The Mercers, Zookeeper, and Wiretree. What's crazy about that is that Zookeeper is Chris Simpson's (from Mineral/Gloria Record) new band. In late high school/early college, I can't tell you how much time I spent obsessing over Mineral's records and now that guy is opening for me. Very strange indeed. I guess I've finally made it...

The other day we had an interview for a local publication and then spent some time at Matt's house doing some pre-production for our upcoming EP. While we were there Matt hands me my guitar and tells me that he got everything wrong with it fixed and to pay for it, he traded a guy some recording time at Matt's studio. I was/am overwhelmed by how generous and selfless that was. He also fixed my amp but then Tommy sat on it and it stopped working again, so hopefully, we'll get that figured out soon. CURSE YOU, TOMMY BLANK!!

We had another hail storm in Austin the other day, so this is one of the rare occasions that I actually have work to do. Better get to it.


  1. Sounds like Matt should have a little friendly appreciation thrown his way! A meal is always good for a bachelor.

  2. Sorry, Kara was signed in on my computer and I did not realize it.
    love ya

  3. Did you ever see that ska band Poison Arrow Frogs back in the day? I don't remember where they were from but I remember seeing them at several of the Tyler venues. The Box. Cedars.

    Also, Scott Beeler is in Michigan right now visiting family. He and his cousin were talking about music and introducing each other to new bands, etc. Scott brought up Quiet Company and was going to share your CDs with him, but his cousin was like, "Oh, I know Quiet Company! I already have both of their CDs. I love them!" So, yes. You have arrived. Keep up the good work.

    I love you.