Wednesday, July 15, 2009

For better or worse...the soundtrack of my life.

Here's another list of songs. This time, its a list of songs that have strong memories attached to them. They're not, necessarily, my favorite songs or bands, by any means.

Another Day In Paradise - Phil Collins
Phil Collins was the first singer that I can remember loving. My parents weren't terribly musical people but we'd listen to the radio and Phil was all over it in the 80's. There was just something dark and mysterious about his voice that I was enamored with.

All I Need Is A Miracle - Mike & the Mechanics
This was my first "favorite song." I caught the last half of it on the radio one day and instantly decided that it was my favorite. I actually bought this whole record not too long ago and its horrible. Oh well, that song's still catchy as hell.

No Treaties - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Coming Out of Their Shells Tour)
I loved anything Ninja Turtles, so when Pizza Hut was selling this promotional cassette my dad consented to get it for me. I listened to this tape way more, and for way longer than I really should have.

The Devil Went Down To Georgia - The Charlie Daniels Band
Country music became the rage in east Texas and my family was no exception. I loved songs that told a story and there aren't a lot of songs that do it better than TDWDTG. I bought a tape of Charlie Daniels greatest hits and there was a lot of cursing on the tape so my mom didn't know if I should be allowed to listen to it. Luckily, she gave in.

Time - Bride
I became obsessed with a plethora of Christian hair metal bands and Bride was the cream of the crop. Scarecrow Messiah was the first CD I ever bought, though I already had a lot of Bride tapes.

Adonai - The Supertones
My brother was more into this band than I was, but when I hear this song it definitely takes me back to the summer that Tooth and Nail records saved Christian music. Whatever I may think about the label now, they really were the first label to discover and bring relevant Christian music to the church mainstream. My youth group was obsessed with The Supertones and they even came and played at our church. The came with one of my favorite Tooth and Nail bands at the time, Stavesacre. However, after meeting Stavesacre that night, I never listened to them again, but I did make a promise to myself about how I would never treat fans, if I was ever lucky enough to have any.

Love - The Smashing Pumpkins
This is my all time favorite record, and when I hear this song I immediately think of carefree days in my room in White Oak, TX, playing Vectorman on Sega Genesis.

Fire Maple Song - Everclear
Another song that reminds me of sunny days in White Oak. When I hear this song, I can almost smell the pine trees.

Can't Stand It - Wilco
In the summer of 2002, I broke up with a long time girlfriend and Summerteeth is the record that I obsessed over during the debacle.

Baseline - Bleach
Bleach came and played at my church when I was 14 or 15 and they were amazing. They had just released their first record and my youth group was really into it. After the summer of 2002, I moved to Nashville and through mutual friends, got to know all the Bleach guys pretty well. I can, honestly, say that they are some of the most kind and genuine people that I've ever had the good fortune to know and I miss them, both as a band and as people.

Window - Damien Jurado
I'd never known a more beautiful sight than my wife walking down the aisle to this song.

Mr. Blue Sky - ELO
I'll always associate this song with the time that we played it for Harper while she was still in the womb and she jumped comically high.

Dear Prudence - The Beatles
This is the first song that Harper ever heard, outside of the womb.


  1. oh man! i have that tmnt tape in my car AS WE SPEAK.

    what was the stavesacre story?

  2. Great list. I remember that Stavesacre guy. It's honestly the earliest I remember thinking of hitting someone in your defense.

    Didn't you meet that guy from Supertones and tag him in the crotch? Please tell that story.

  3. Yeah...he and I were at the same parties a lot because of the Bleach guys but somehow, we never got to be close friends.

    There's not much to the Stavesacre story. I was just a kid in my first band and really starstruck by these guys and naive about just about everything. We really wanted to give the Stavesacre guys our demo tape and they were just really condescending and belittling. I had such a sour taste in my mouth that it really made me nervous to meet bands that I liked because it actually did ruin Stavesacre's music for me. I've met a lot of people with similar Stavesacre experiences. Its like their fans were really annoying to them, or something. I don't get it.

    Shortly after, though, my brother and I went to Tom Fest and my FAVORITE FAVORITE Tooth and Nail band, Starflyer 59, was playing. Because of the Stavesacre thing, I was really scared to talk to Jason from SF59 but I'm really glad I did because he was incredibly kind and renewed my faith in musicians. I still buy and love everything SF59 puts out and I'm happy to say that almost everytime I meet a band that I like, they're really nice.

  4. Hey speaking of old tooth and nail, do you have the poor old Lu album with the song Jeremy Enigk did with them? I think it was called Digging Deep?

  5. I have not listed to the Supertones in YEARS, but now I have Adonia stuck in my head. Not a bad thing. And SF 59 rocks :D