Monday, July 27, 2009

I didn't get to go to Comic Con so I watched Justice League Unlimited for 12 hours instead

So I think I may have found a new favorite TV show: Justice League Unlimited. Boomerang had a marathon of it on Saturday and what I didn't watch, I recorded, and have been watching every chance I get. Even Leah has admitted that the show is actually pretty good. I think I've easily watched more than 12 hours of it this weekend.

I love it when any superhero show will have an episode where a b-list character gets featured, but JLU is like that in almost every episode. People like Green Arrow, the Question, and Booster Gold get equal screen time to Superman, Batman, or Wonder Woman, which is really refreshing when you think about how DC Comics has a huge number of b-list characters that are really interesting if people would just give them a chance. This show has already been on for something like 5 seasons and I'm just now discovering it, which makes me feel stupid but better late than never, I guess.

I'm not surprised that its so good, though. Pretty much all of the DC cartoons have been really awesome and true to their characters and source material. JLU seems a little more mature than the others though. Its action allows more violence, and the characters' relationships are more mature and developed (even romantically).

I've still got about 7 or 8 episodes left on the ol' DVR know, looking forward to that.

ADDENDUM: I just learned that this show has already been cancelled. Lame.

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