Monday, July 6, 2009

People say we monkey around...

Leah and I had a great weekend. Took it easy, cooked a lot, had friends over. Jen and Jarrod came over for dinner on Saturday and Leah and I made fettuccine Alfredo and some sort of baked tomato with bread crumbs and cheese all over it. Last night Paul and Gina brought over more ribs than I could possibly eat and then we all played with their two year old son, Ryan, in the sprinkler. It occurred to me that if there hadn't been a toddler in the mix, no one would've had a clue how to have fun with a sprinkler. Its weird to think about how you see things as a kid that you just don't see as an adult. I look at a sprinkler and can't fathom on my own how you could possibly derive fun from running through it. To me, it gets you just wet enough to be annoying, but Ryan obviously looks at it and sees a miraculous invention that simply must exist for his enjoyment and no other purpose. But when we watched him playing in the water we found ourselves remembering, at least a little, how sprinklers can be fun and everyone got pretty soaked.

When I was a kid, I'd see a tree and the only thoughts that occurred to me were about how amazing it would be to climb it and all the ways to go about doing so. Now, I still think those things but my thoughts of adventure are more often than not strangled by thoughts of all the different ways I could bust my ass, doing irreparable damage to my body and/or dignity. Maybe its because as a kid you have less invested in the world. As an adult I am conscious of the fear at all times. I can't let anything happen to me because I've got people that count on me and tons of shit I need to get done. Aside from leaving my loved ones, my greatest fear about death is dying before I get to accomplish everything I want to. I would be so pissed if I died in the middle of making a record. Timing is everything.

Harper is pretty much sleeping through the night now, so I'm feeling better rested than I have in about 2 months, which is nice. She loves her mother so much. Leah doesn't agree but I think she smiles way more at Leah than she does at me. I don't mind so much, Leah's pretty great and I certainly understand why someone would prefer her.

Leah and I watched our wedding video yesterday and it was pretty awful. So boring and my brother in law, who filmed it, shot the floor as often as he shot anything else. When it got to the part where Leah was telling me her vows I started tearing up. I didn't cry at the actual wedding, mind you, just while watching a horrible video of it. What is that?!? That was a great day, though. I had so much fun at our wedding and I remember exactly how I felt about my wife on that day. I remember it so well because its still the way I feel about her today, only now I think I respect her a lot more. Not that I didn't respect her then, but watching your wife through pregnancy allows you to see her in a different light, and its a beautiful thing.


  1. I played with Kya when she was here in the sprinkler also. She was scared of it so I (in full clothes) showed her how to play in the sprinkler water. She enjoyed it as long as I was in it with her. Can't remember the last time I did that. Probably when you were her age. Your right,life is wonderful and more fun through the eyes of a child

  2. First I am not even sure if you know who i am....but i guess that doesn't matter much ( i am rachel kerns' mom). secondly, i love both you and seth and read both of you all of the time.

    i am a water sprinkler fan for all of my 50 years (well, at least the last 48 or so) in fact playing in the sprinkler is almost as much fun as playing in the summer rain. I find it freeing and good for the soul.
    as for climbing trees....again, i am a big tree climbing fan. since i have been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and my balance can be somewhat shakey I don't climb trees as often as i would like, but i do climb them when i see one that just seems to call my name. I know life is to short to let fears hold me back. My illness has taught me to let go of my self imposed fears and the restrictions that others have placed on me.

    i admire the love you & leah share. your baby girl is adorable. your zest for life hasn't changed since you were that very young shy kid I knew so long ago.

    climb a tree today!