Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I can't believe I went as long as I did without owning an Ipod. Can you? No, I really can't.

I've been making music for a long time. Not Johnny Cash long but for over a decade. In that time I've met a lot of other musicians, some cool, some not so much. One band that I am incredibly happy to count as friends are The Rocketboys. They've just finished recording their, much anticipated, full length record 20,000 Ghosts and last night at midnight they posted a song from the record on their myspace page. I haven't heard it yet but their record is produced by Louie Lino, who you may remember produced 3 songs on our record, so I'm pretty sure its going to rock your entire ass off. Go listen to it, if you want to have a good day.

Our band has been fortunate to fall in with a sort of clique of bands that play together a lot and really enjoy and respect each other's music. I would say that our clique consists of:
The Rocketboys,
Jets Under Fire,
Magnolia Sons,
and until last year
The New Frontiers,
Ethan Durelle,
and Consider the Source (who all broke up).

Its nice to be friends with bands that you don't have to lie to all the time. You can actually say, "Hey your new record is fantastic," and mean it.
When I first started being in bands it was the late 90's and you couldn't play a show without there being at least one band on the bill trying their hardest to sound like Creed. It was kind of exhausting because they were usually nice guys and you'd get to be friendly before the show and before you actually heard them play. So after the show you'd feel obligated to say something positive even though the truth was that you'd rather hear a puppy's death rattle than listen to them play anymore music.

Now those bands have been replaced by what I call "Mall-core" bands. Luckily, at least in Texas, we don't have to play with a lot of bands that we don't already know and like, so we don't have to share the bill with bands like these as much nowadays. But for a while there, if I'd heard one more band trying to be My Chemical Romance, I was just going to run towards the nearest living thing and kill it.

That's why I'm glad to run in the crowd that we do. I feel like everyone's doing something different from everyone else but we all still love and understand what each other are doing. Good times.


  1. Jarod used to really like Creed. I would love it if you would give him a hard time about it the next time you see him. Thanks! ;)

  2. Thanks for the quote of the week from you: "...the truth was that you'd rather hear a puppy's death rattle than listen to them play anymore music."