Thursday, July 16, 2009

Rejoice, all ye half-bloods and mudbloods! All ye muggles and squibs!

Not too terribly long ago, my wife made me go see Twilight. We went on opening day and ended up sitting at the front of the theatre because we only got there an hour early. At one point I turned and looked at the audience and counted maybe 5 other guys in a sea of women (we went to the Alamo Draft House to avoid the legion of 14 year old girls sure to populate the normal theatres). I don't mean to offend if you're one of those intense Twilight fans, but that movie is awful. Painfully awful, in fact. I haven't read the books but from what every person I've talked to about it says, the story is addictive but the writing is shit. I wasn't impressed with the story in the movie and I don't think I'd like to subject myself to writing that is shit even to the fans, so I've remained an active non-fan of Twilight. Anyway, as I was sitting in the theatre watching some of the worst special effects and acting I'd seen in a long time, all I could think was "I should be watching Harry Potter right now." The two movies were supposed to share a release date but HP was pushed back to summer so they could make more money.

But at long last, my day has arrived. Tonight, I will finally get to scratch the magical itch that has been plaguing me. I'm hoping we get good seats because, again, we'll only be able to get there an hour early. Paul and Gina will be joining us so it will be extra fun. I really can't explain how excited I am about this. I barely slept at all last night, which I don't know if its because of the movie or just because I happened to get a shitty night's sleep.

I've said it before, but for my money, Harry Potter is the single greatest work of fiction in the history of recorded story telling. Yes, I realize how bold of a statement that is. I've just never felt as connected to any fictional character the way I am to the characters in the Harry Potter series. We're already reading The Sorcerer's Stone to Harper every night at bedtime but I really can't wait until she's old enough to understand the story.


  1. I know what you mean!!! I can't WAIT for the first night we sit down with Jazzo and he actually gets what's going on in HP. Aaaah, it'll be awesome.

  2. and Twilight is AWFUL, I'm proud of you for staying away. I, however, am not as strong.

  3. I like Harry Potter. Always have. I think this movie was the most beautiful, artistically.

    Also, I have a huge beef with Twilight, in that it's teaching young girls that it's sexy to be stalked. It sort of bothers me that Harry Potter always had the massive controversy about how evil and witchcrafty it supposedly is, but there's no "mothers against sparkly vampires stalking my pre-teen daughters" coalition.

  4. saw it last night and it was good. Never read Twilight, never saw the movie, but i spend ample amounts of time chastising my wife about it.


    The Twilight movie would be so much better if this was part of the plot.

  6. I agree, Twilight is not good, quite boring and I think I know why. The author is a Utah Mormon and she finds it necessary to remain within certain Mormon baggage boundaries in her writing. If she could break out of that crap, she might be a better writer. I should know, I grew up Mormon too.