Thursday, September 3, 2009

Next Tuesday, President Obama plans to coerce your children into a windowless van with promises of candy and feel-good drink.

President Obama is giving an address next Tuesday which will be addressing students K-12. I'm sure it will feature themes like staying in school, taking responsibility for your education, and how educating our young people is key to America's future. You know, the same kind of thing that any American politician for any party would say about education.

So obviously, this is the worst thing that could happen to children.

Parents are really pissed that he wants to talk to their children. If you're one of those parents let me help you understand why you feel this way. Its probably because(A)you're a ridiculous person, (B)you might not be very smart, or (C)because you have a huge boner for Glenn Beck and will do anything to please him.

What do these parents think school is for? I've always been under the impression that school was supposed to be preparing young minds for life in the real world. You know, the world where Barack Obama is their President. Maybe they just see it as a daycare for their kids to hang out at while they're at work and they don't want their kids to fall under that vile, nasty, Democratic party peer pressure that's so prevalent in public schools now.

Its just so silly.

My favorite line from that article is "I perceive this as a socialist type of move," said Tammy Canatella, whose daughter is a freshman at Consolidated High School. "This should not be a forum to promote himself or his cabinet."

Oh, Tammy! You don't like Socialism? You don't want any Socialism in that publicly funded high school you send your daughter to? Do you even know what Socialism means or is it just the buzz word that Fox "News" tells you to repeat over and over in hopes of destroying that secretly Muslim usurper's regime?

If George W. Bush had wanted to address my children in school I cannot imagine ever threatening to take my kids out of class because of it. But then, maybe my arguments aren't so shaky that I would feel the need to shelter my children from anyone else's prespective. Maybe I just accept that children will eventually make up their own minds about this horse shit. I believe it was Malcolm Forbes who said "Education's purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open mind."


  1. "If it is mandatory in every room, we will pull 'em out."
    "but if they have somewhere where they can go in a separate room then they would be allowed to stay."

    I can't believe that!! Does she even realize what she is saying? Damn they're so afraid of and against Socialism yet they act like a bunch of Communists!!!!

  2. I work at a private K-12 school, and the administration here has chosen not to show the speech. Personally, I don't really care either way. There's nothing wrong with the president promoting the value of education, and I don't really see how anyone could say there IS something wrong with that. However, the school I work at is fairly difficult to get into and if the students didn't care about academics they wouldn't be here in the first place, so they don't really need to listen to a whole speech about it instead of going to class and actually learning. If the parents want their kids to watch it, then tape it, and let them watch it at home that night. Pulling kids out of school because the school is going to show it is pretty silly, because let's face it, the students aren't even going to pay attention. They're going to be poking at each other, sleeping, or gossiping the whole time.

    The only thing I find a little odd about the whole thing is the worksheet students are being asked to complete. Who's supposed to grade that? The President himself?

  3. ahahahahahaahahaaaaa the line about it being a socialist move....fantastic.

    I think socialism is great. Obama, however, is not a socialist. People need to check their dictionaries and stop using socialism as a veil for racism and fear.

  4. A friend tweeted this last night. When I saw it, I thought you'd find it either amusing or horrifying, so I thought I'd share.

  5. I saw this on the news yesterday. there was a mother crying at the thought of her kid having to hear Obama's speech at school. Like REAL tears streaming down her face. w t f!??!?!

  6. I've followed you for awhile and this being my first comment, I must say you are delight to read. I had to add to your Bush comment... in 1991, George Sr. addressed students, not as an already-elected president wanting to deliver a party-impartial speech, but as a part of his right-winged, white house hungry campaign! I don't remember seeing that when I was in school but I wish I did. So as usual, I concur, why the hubbub y'all?