Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ev'rybody's talking about Revolution, Evolution, Mastication, Flagelolation, Regulations, Integrations, Meditations, United Nations, Congratulations!

So I've surpassed 100 blog posts now. Hooray! I actually surpassed it with my last post but forgot to mention it. If I were a sitcom I could be syndicated now.

Yesterday, I ate lunch with Jason from Jets Under Fire and today I ate lunch with Todd from Jets Under Fire. They're some of my favorite people and easily some of the best musicians and songwriters I've had the pleasure to know. If you haven't already, go to their website and download all their free music. Lately, I'm especially fond of their song "Shades of Post Modern Gray," though philosophically I disagree with it. So it goes.

Leah called me earlier to tell me that tonight our plans are to order pizza and stay in and watch all the new episodes of all our favorite shows (The Office, Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia, etc.), so I'm really excited about my immediate future. The weather is starting to be more reasonable and there's two beautiful ladies waiting for me at home. You really can't ask for anything more than that.

I really wanted to have the new Quiet Company EP finished by the end of Sept. but I have no idea where to find the time to work on it so it looks like that might not happen. So it goes.

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