Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Q & A

Megan said...
Have you seen the documentary We Are Wizards?

No, I haven't...yet. I have seen Brad Neely's "Dear Reader / Wizard People" which I love.

Green said...
I've always wondered if musicians listen to their own music, or if they find it creepy/can't listen to it without thinking about ways to have done it differently. So... do you listen to your own music?

I can't speak for all musicians but I listen to my music all the time. When I do, I can't help but hear a million things I wish that we'd done differently, but for the most part, I'm really proud of everything we've put out. More often than my pride would like me to admit, I'll put in our record and try and pretend that I've never heard of Quiet Company and imagine what my initial response would be as a stranger. Is that weird? I've met at least one other musician that does this.

Revenge of the Seth said...
Are you guys going to crash at our house this weekend?

I don't know yet if we'll be staying in Dallas or driving back. Leah has a wedding on Saturday and I'm hoping to drive back if we're not too tired so I can help with Harper in the morning. If we stay in Dallas we'll have to leave pretty early and Paul is getting a hotel room for some personal business so we may just crash there for a few hours. Give me a call when you get a chance and hopefully I'll have it figured out.


  1. "...I'll put in our record and try and pretend that I've never heard of Quiet Company and imagine what my initial response would be as a stranger"

    I do this with things that I have written (comments, blogs, etc) and sometimes with my facebook profile even though it is private so no strangers actually see it...except for when a friend of my boyfriend's that I've never met (he's from Ohio, we live in Oregon so I haven't met most of them) asks to be my friend and I accept cuz they are curious and that's fine...but I do wonder what they think of me because I know they have a high opinion of him and want to see if I fit/live up to their expectations.

    All that to say: I don't think that is weird, I would do the same thing.

  2. Yeah I wanted to see "Dear Reader / Wizard People" after I heard about it in the documentary. It sounded really funny. I have a big crush on that guy.

    Oh and I'm a musician as well and I can say when I write something, record it and then listen to it I like to pretend it's not me. I also don't tell my friend's it's me either when I get them to listen to it. When I listen to something of mine I think sounds really good I get the chills and butterflies and I'm like how did I do this?!
    It's the worst when you listen to your song and always find new or different things to do to it. I've had this one song I'm working on that I just can't finish. I change tempo, lyrics, lead parts. I just can't figure it out.

  3. Ooo.. can I have a bonus question?

    Why is the version of "It's better to Spend..." that made it onto the album so different from the pre-album version... that I downloaded at some point? I've never been able to place why it felt like a totally different energy. Am I crazy, or was something actually done differently?

    Also, I put Shine Honesty on this weekend after re-discovering it on my harddrive. I hadn't listened to it in very long time since it was on a previous computer/ipod. I have to say that Fashonabel is still pretty much one of my favorite things.

  4. It's funny that you mention "It's Better to Spend Money.." Green because that was the song that I felt we all kept going back to as the trouble song on the album. Everything else seemed to come along rather naturally but I couldn't figure out (& still can't really) why the studio version didn't have that same vibe as the demo. The demo has this really urgent, frantic, fuzz feeling and I felt like we had to recapture that somehow. Tommy and I tried to convince Taylor that it wasnt right but he seemed pretty comfortable with it for the most part.. It wasn't until I played both versions to one of my friends who had never heard either before. He has an excellent ear & I really trust his opinion. He said the new version was vastly superior. Now when I listen to the demo I definitely like the album version more but the demo still has a really great feel to it. I jsut needed to seperate myself from the demo version long enough to see it.

  5. It's good to know I didn't just imagine that it was different. It bothered me for a while when the album came out, because it's pretty much my favorite song, and there was just something different about it that I couldn't peg. I think on its own I prefer the older version, but in the context of the album I like the new version better- it fits in better as a puzzle piece to the album.

    I think the demo has a more cheerful and far-away sound to it. I also feel like in general the older version fits in better with Shine Honesty the way the new version fits in with Everyone You Love.., which might imply some kind of evolution in the overall sound of the band. :)