Monday, November 2, 2009

I'm so glad I got through high school before the term "Frienemies" was coined.

Halloween is such a weird holiday, when you think about it. Really, the whole culture of "fear as entertainment" is strange. Personally, I've never enjoyed the feeling of fear and anxiety, so movies like The Strangers or The Texas Chainsaw Massacre are lost on me as a source of enjoyment. Oh well...takes all kinds, I suppose.

We had a great (and full) weekend. Saturday, we woke up early to prepare for family pictures with a really nice lady that Leah knows somehow, who happens to do really awesome child and family photography. After that, I went to Matt's where he and I spent several hours recording. At 4:30, I left to go home so we could get to our friends' house by 5:30 for dinner and trick or treating.

Sunday, Leah was supposed to go hiking but woke up with her throat feeling closed off and sore. So we rested and took it easy but around 12:30 I headed to Matt's to do some more recording. At 3:30, had to drop what we were doing and rush home for even more family pictures with Leah's friend Lindsay, which turned out pretty friggin' amazing.

Recording is going really well, now that we're actually dedicating time to it. As it turns out, Matt and I work really well together. All of us do, really, but no one else was really around this weekend. Both of Jeff's tracks so far have been really strong as well. There is such an obvious difference between an actual drummer's take and the take of someone who can play drums but rarely does, IE me.

Anyway, I'm actually becoming more excited about this EP than I expected to be. So, you know...That's a plus.

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  1. I've decided no more trick or treating for us. The creepy corner cat lady did it for me. Oh, and the guy with the Scream mask staring down my kids. NO THANKS.