Wednesday, November 4, 2009

You really can make a weapon out of anything!! :-)

I think the funniest thing I've said so far today is "Joel Osteen's version of what Jesus would want or think is the equivalent of someone saying 'If Martin Luther King Jr. were here today, I'm sure he'd tell us all to kill whitey.'"

Got some recording done last night, more vocals and guitars and Jeff laid down drums for another song. Coming along, coming along. I can't wait to get all the horns, strings and extra singers on it. Its going to sound HUGE. I wish we had more pictures from the process but alas, "wish in one hand, shit in the other..."

Leah still isn't feeling well, so we've cancelled our plans for tonight so she can have more of a day to relax. I think she's just starting a cold so hopefully, she'll be feeling better before Friday when we head off to the great white north. I can't wait to get back to Toronto, its one of my favorite cities, I just hope Harper is cool on the plane. She probably will be.

Leah and I decided that, in our house, we would have a rule for dealing with inflamed emotions. The rule is "If its a big enough deal to be affected by, its a big enough deal to talk about. If its not a big enough deal to talk about, then its not a big enough deal to be affected by." We wanted to establish this rule early because eventually, Harper will be a teenage girl, and I think this rule will help deal with all of that...stuff. That being said, I'm wondering if I'm already in conflict with my wonderful rule. I have some old friends that, one way or another, have hurt my feelings but I've never said anything about it because I never get to see them, and when I do see them, I'm just glad to see them. Lately, I've been wondering if it would benefit anyone to call their attention to it, or not. I'm not actively angry at anyone, its just disappointing to feel like you must've cared about someone more than they cared about you.

I digress.

I haven't heard the new Weezer record yet, except for the first single, "I want you to". Not having heard it, I can't comment on its quality, but I think Pitchfork has Rivers Cuomo pegged. My hopes are not high for this once saviour-esque band to ever return to their former glory. But where Weezer and Star Wars are concerned, Cameron would say I'm like the abusive husband who says he loves his wife but runs her down all the time. Maybe so. Or maybe Rivers Cuomo should start taking himself more seriously, and George Lucas should realize that just because you can make an entire world with a computer doesn't mean that you should and also that you can't CGI good acting or directing.


  1. you act like an abusive husband towards creed and lady gaga as well. don't forget them.

  2. "I have some old friends that, one way or another, have hurt my feelings but I've never said anything about it because I never get to see them, and when I do see them, I'm just glad to see them."

    Something about this statement hit me really hard, like it just resonated with a lot of the issues I'm working through right now, nutshell-like...

    Also, I totally agree about George Lucas.

  3. I'm sure have/will tell you guys, but I have two travel tips that were super helpful to me when I flew with Jazz. First, make sure Harper is drinking something the whole way up (until your ears stop popping) and the whole way down. I had to postpone Jasper's eating for 30 or so minutes, but it was better having a slightly cranky baby while waiting for the plane than a screaming baby on the plane. Also, a lot of babies have HUGE disgusting diapers during and/or right after ascension, so be on the lookout. Other than that, I'm sure it'll be great! Jazz is a great plane traveler, he slept the whole time. He was also just over 2 months, so that probably had something to do with it. We're flying with him in February, so we'll see how it goes.

    And I like your rule! It's a good one, and definitely a great idea to start it now.

  4. OH! and planes don't have diaper changing stations. Or at least, ours didn't. I used a mat on the floor the first time, and the empty seat next to us the second time. Just sharing!

  5. To Leah, the difference is that Creed and Lady Gaga have never been loved by Taylor...and they suck ass. Scott Stapp is a useless goat throat.

    This is the first Weezer record i have not bought on day one, and they even have me a little scared. Rivers is off guitar recently with Pat playing live and they have recruited a new drummer. Not sure how that happened, other than they were apparntly broken up until they decided to make this move. He also used a music stand constantly on stage.

    I didn't dislike "I want you to" but I think it works better as a duet (as in the acoustic track with Sara Bareilles). The video however is pretty good, and was directed by Marc Webb who did 500 days of Summer which i have heard good things about. I also think the idea of pairing a weezer snuggy to help record sales is smart, and a bit funny. The commercial is ludicrous.

    All that said, I hope i like it. If they lose me, then they really have jumped the shark.