Thursday, January 14, 2010

Gavin Rosdale Poetry: Volume 2

Have you ever noticed how Tripping Daisy was way better than the Polyphonic Spree? Polyphonic is cool and all, but Tripping Daisy was just a substantially better.

Tonight, the wife and I are entertaining some guests. Our old room mate, Matt, and his girlfriend are coming over for dinner and quite possibly a quick game of Star Wars: Epic Duels, which, if you've never played it, is one of the best board games of all time. I discovered it when I worked at an after school day care in Nashville. I had a small group of 3rd graders who loved the shit out of me because I knew all about Star Wars. And I loved them for it. One of their fathers was Johnny Cash's lawyer, and he gave me a copy of "The Man Comes Around" when it came out.

I think Harper will be walking in a few weeks. She spends most of her time standing up holding on to things and recently I've seen her let go to see how long she can balance herself before she grabs back on. She can stay up for about 5 seconds before grabbing back on or plopping down on her ass.

Leah does the same thing.

We're playing in Waco tomorrow night, assuming that the show doesn't get rained out (it's an outdoor venue). If anyone is around, you should go to Common Grounds tomorrow night.

Earlier, Leah said that she felt like this day was going to drag. I was optimistic about that not being the case. As usual, she was right, and I was wrong.


  1. Tripping Daisy was better than alot of bands. Man, I loved them. I was 18 or 19 when I used to go to their shows. Just thinking back to that time makes me feel OLD. :-)

  2. Yay Harper! One thing that's really fantastic about babies is that they always seem really well aware of their abilities, and they push themselves to get better and stronger, like with the balance things, but with Sylvia she never got hurt falling down from trying to balance too long or run before she was ready for it.

    I wonder what happens to us that we lose that intrapersonal knowledge and become less aware of our limitations or just more terrified of them.

    Babies rock, man.

    PS. I've been doing a lot of cleaning this week and I found some boxes where I'd packed away some of Sylvia's nicer baby clothes to give to a friend of mine and then forgot to pass the box along and her kid is too big for them now. Would you guys be interested in some free baby clothes? I'll sort through them again to get rid of any stained things and run them through the wash 'cause they've been in a box for a year or so. Size ranges from 6months to 1year size (but if I did some sorting I have plenty of 12-24 months stuff too). Lemme know. :) if you're overrun by tiny dresses already I don't want to start a landslide. :)