Friday, January 29, 2010

When (and if) the big one hits, I'll just meet you there.

Last night was great. We haven't played Stubb's in a long time and it was a nice way to return to that stage. Austin 360 was really awesome for working with us for their concert series and giving us a few write ups, online and in print, and both of the other bands solidified their places on my, figurative, favorite-people-to-play-with-list. We've been wanting to make friends with new bands a lot lately because out of our once booming and vibrant clique of friend-bands, only The Rocketboys and us survive.

After we played at Emo's for Free Week, I blogged about how amazing it was when people sang along on our opening song, "A Nation of Two." Last night, I could hear the crowd singing through almost the entire set. I felt like the Grinch when his heart grew 3 sizes. It's really starting to feel like we matter in this town. It only took 4 years.

Leah couldn't be there because the show was so late and we didn't feel right about asking our friend to babysit that long when she has to work the next morning. I missed her and Harper a lot. Right now, I just want to go home at 2, in time to crawl into bed with Leah and Harper for Harper's afternoon nap. God, that sounds good.

Tonight, after Harper goes to bed, I'm going to work out with Leah and take a nice hot shower. I plan on being in my pajamas, relaxing with my wife, and watching The Hurt Locker by 9:15, preferably in my bed. This is what they call "the good life."

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