Monday, January 18, 2010

Have you ever seen anyone be unhappy on a Wave Runner?

I just got through listening to the latest mixes for the new EP and I'm very, very happy with them. They're probably about 90% done mixing now so we'll be ready in plenty of time for our mastering date on Feb. 3rd. Now we've just got to solidify the art. We have a girl painting something for us that we suggested, so assuming that we like it, it should be easy peezy. I suppose we'll have to take some pictures as well.

I originally thought that, because of the theme of the EP, it would be hilarious to have a picture of all of us in bed together, shirtless, and smoking cigarettes. Alas, Tommy wasn't pumped about it, and Jeff straight up said he's not doing it. So it goes. Once again, my genius is stunted by peons.

All kidding aside, I feel very lucky to be playing with the guys in Quiet Company. They are, without a doubt, my favorite people I've ever played music with, and I've played music with a lot of people.

Speaking of music. Do you know what I hate? I hate waiting to see if we'll get accepted to South By South West, especially, when all our friends have already been accepted. One of the points of SXSW is to showcase for labels and industry people, in other words, people Quiet Company generally doesn't care about. So all we really want out of it is the status symbol that acceptance grants you and the chance to build more buzz. It's embarrassing to be one of the only bands in your clique that doesn't get accepted, and then I just hate myself for caring about something so petty. Lose, lose. I guess we could still get in, not all of the bands have been announced yet. For the last two years we've gotten on the waiting list, which is something I suppose, but it would still be nice to actually get in on the festival. We did get accepted for another festival in Denton where the Flaming Lips are headlining, though, so that's encouraging.

Harper is really loving music now, or at least she loves to dance. She's very fond of Quiet Company, which is adorable. She'll watch our videos and laugh and smile and look back and forth at the screen and me like she's discovered something. Recently, she's decided that when the stereo in her room is on, she wants it to play right into her face. It's almost like she worships it. Kid, if you're going to make a shrine out of that stereo, you're in for a life of frustration. Please don't be a musician. Do something that makes money.


  1. Sylvia really likes dancing to Quiet Company too. She gets really excited when I turn it on and starts hopping around the living room.

    As far as album covers go, the in bed one you described makes me hardcore think of Queen. Take from that what you will.

  2. The image of a super grumpy person on a wave runner made my whole day.