Friday, January 8, 2010

The Tila Tequila 2010 Small Business Marketing and Image Consultation Expo.

I didn't blog yesterday because I stayed home to take care of a baby and a sick wife, and I generally only blog at work. Leah woke up feeling like death and didn't want to get Harper sick so I called in and hung out all day. It was pretty great, aside from the Leah not feeling good thing. Harper and I played a lot, went grocery shopping and watched Superman Returns, which for my money, is a great movie and a sequel is becoming long overdue.

I'm never sure how popular the band Kent is. I know all my musician friends love them but I don't know how many normal people have their records. I've got about 5 of their records and only 2 are in English. I guess they didn't sell well enough over here because they only did English versions of those two records, to my knowledge. All of their other records are in Swedish. What really sucks about this, is that they'd probably be one of my favorite bands if I could just sing along to them. Well, they're already one of my favorite bands, but I'd certainly listen to them more if I could get some more English versions. Especially the album, Du & Jag Doden. That album kicks so much ass it's ridiculous, but I have no idea what he's saying, so I hardly ever listen to it. I wonder which would be easier, convincing Kent to record/release English versions, or learning Swedish?

The rest of Quiet Company are picking me up at work at 5 and we're going to San Antonio to play at the White Rabbit with Buttercup and Blowing Trees. We'll have our horn players with us, which always makes the shows cooler, to me. Speaking of Quiet Company, have you voted for us for Austin's band and album of the year yet? Because you really should. So should your mom and all your friends. Please.

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